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Laser Hair Removal and Kinds of it

Updated on August 31, 2012
Before and After Laser Hair Treatment
Before and After Laser Hair Treatment

Laser Hair Removal is kind of the treatment that is preferable for the people to have the better appearance. Sometimes people feel that the hair on the body will give them the strange and unclean look. The unwanted hair is considered as the thing that has to be removed so that it will not bother the appearance. The women are proved to be the most people who prefer to do the Laser Hair Removal to make them more confident with their appearances. This treatment is famous among the high class people and there are beauty clinics which provide this treatment for the costumers. There are types of doing this treatment. There are two major kinds of this treatment because there are different chemical uses between the two genders in the world. There are the treatment for women and men.

Laser Hair Removal and the Types

There are many types of Laser Hair Removal that you can choose to have the treatment to be applied on your body to have the best result of the treatment. The first type of this famous treatment is The Ruby Laser which is considered as the oldest treatment in the world. This treatment can only be applied to the certain kinds of skin because this treatment cannot be used on patients with darker skin, including people with tanned skin. Because of the limited use of this treatment, the popularity of the Ruby laser is getting lower and lower related to the high technology that develops in recent days, so that people are prefer to use the high technology treatment rather than staying use the old version of the Laser Hair Removal treatment. There is still the higher technology of this treatment that is more popular that this one, it is called The Alexandrite Laser. This kind of treatment is suitable to treat larger areas on your bodies.

The third kind of the Laser Hair Removal treatment that is popular among the high class people is called the long pulse ND: YAG laser which is more flexible to be used by most of people around the world. This kind of treatment is the safest treatment than the other kinds of treatment. Most people prefer to use this treatment because it offers the complete treatment of the laser treatment. This can also be applied to all kinds of skin and provides the highest technology with the best service of Laser Hair Removal.


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