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Eyelash Extensions: The good and the bad

Updated on October 26, 2012

It seems like just yesterday, I was witnessing the quick, un-timely death of a unique beauty treatment. Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions had trickled down from the almost exclusive grasp of the rich and famous into the hands of young students, mothers and business women. But it didn’t take long before this trend experienced a very sudden and complete disappearance from our lives.

The problem was not that the new clientele it was attracting didn’t have the lifestyle or finances to sustain it, but instead that there were just too many fundamental flaws in the design of the product and application resulting in un-met expectations. These lashes were marketed as “long-lasting” (4-8 weeks) and “Easier than Mascara” which was just not the case.

The application consisted of a small cluster of four-five synthetic lashes applied to each natural lash using a safe and gentle adhesive. Unfortunately, the weight of the fake lashes and adhesive was too much, resulting in damage of the natural lash. When a natural lash would shed with the clump of synthetic lashes attached, it would leave a large gap that was all too noticeable, creating a distinctly un-natural appearance. If this didn’t cause a client to demand they be removed right away, she would probably only have to wait 5-7 days before they were completely gone on their own.

Clients were upset and embarrassed, usually within 3 days of the application. Women also noticed that their natural lashes didn’t have the same quantity or length as they did before. The professionals were feeling the burden of constant complaints, touchups, and lost clientele. The service disappeared off spa menus as if over night.

But in 2009, semi-permanent eyelash extensions suddenly re-emerged stronger, better and more expensive than ever. Significant improvements had been made, resulting in better products and application techniques. Instead of the dramatic (for all the wrong reasons) look of the cluster lashes, individual lashes were now applied with an adhesive that was practically weightless and durable enough to last up to 8 weeks. The new individual lashes were practically the same width as a natural lash, making them very hard to notice when they shed. Women could now go longer and longer without touchups.

Secondary products were also introduced and gratefully received; such as Lash Conditioners, Sealers to protect and prolong the synthetic lashes, and Specialty Fake Lash Mascaras for the hopelessly addicted who cannot live without their mascara.

In 2010, this amazing service is now becoming more popular than ever. Women are having them applied for their weddings, special events, vacations, and even just everyday use. For those who have suffered with very small or minimal lashes, the advancements in technology are welcome relief from the burden of daily or weekly strip lashes that have sustained them over the three year dry spell. I have no doubt that if it has not already infiltrated your community, it will very soon, and may just cause you to try them out yourself.


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    • TheBeautysInside profile image

      TheBeautysInside 6 years ago

      Very informative hub. I've been dying to try some of those new lashes for myself. I think I will soon.