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Latest Trend In Handbags For Summer

Updated on May 3, 2017

Think Woven raffia, stripes, and metallic handbags are on trend for this summer !

By Sharon Stajda

Be it raffia, rope or leather get ready to see loads of woven handbags on the arms of fashionable trendy women this spring and summer. Do you have a few woven designed handbags in your closet? I love the new trendy woven handbags, for many reasons. I like fashion trends that make textural statements, and anything woven does just that. I also love the fact that over the years I have collected many types of woven handbags. From vintage raffia, to wonderful woven leather styles of all kinds. This new trend in woven handbags will give me the opportunity to pull out a few of my lightly used woven styled bags, and put them back in the fashion mix. Plus, in the long run, I will save a bit of cash when shopping for this season.

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It's all about the color!

I love a bit of color in a handbag. A colorful handbag just seems to add to any outfit. It says that a bit of thought went into putting together a special look.

Stripes are one of the biggest trends for this spring

If you are a girl that loves a good trend. You may want to pick up a striped handbag for this spring.

Ethnic Inspiration

I so love the ethnic twist that "Dolce & Gabbana" used when designing their springs woven raffia handbag line. Not to mention "Coach's " chic brand new woven handbag line for spring/summer 2016. This springs will bring some much needed fun twists to the woven handbag of old. Many designers have added pizzazz to their handbags, with the addition of fabulous clasps, leather trims, and well placed tassels. All these new updated features will provide us girls with some great fashion handbags for the upcoming warm summer weather.

These new dressed up woven handbags go far beyond the beach.

Love This Handbag - Strips are just so popular for spring/summer 2016

The Boxy is a must have for spring 2016

The popular boxy styled handbag...

The boxy was very much on trend for the winter season, and don't even think it is losing any steam. This little hardworking handbag remains popular for this spring and summer. The boxy takes its inspiration from the demure styled handbags of the 1050s. All done up to suit the needs of today's women. You're going to see tons of boxy styles in your favorite handbag department this spring.

Check out Ralph Lauren's 2016 spring summer collection. Make sure to note the handbags the models are carrying.Tons of boxys

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