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Get Beautiful Fall Eyes Looks with Bobbi Brown

Updated on September 26, 2015

Bobbi Brown needs no introduction. A big and famous cosmetics brand. Bobbi Brown has a great collection of all sorts of makeup accessories. Now fall is not too far. Choosing makeup in fall season and get a stylish fall makeup look depends on the shades and colors that you are using. Fall makeup colors are totally different from summer fashion colors. In summer you have to choose fresh and bright colors. But fall makeup colors are comparatively dull and neutral.

Eye makeup is the most important aspect on your whole face. The question is how to get beautiful fall eyes look. Only selection of trendy fall makeup colors does not matter. High quality eye makeup products also does matter. Choose branded fall makeup. In my view, Bobbi Brown’s Rich Chocolate Eye Palette is something exceptional for beautiful fall/ winter eye makeup.

The Rich Chocolate Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown has seven elegant and neutral fall eye makeup shades. All the shades are driven from chocolaty brown. Rich and velvety in texture, the Rich Chocolate Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown has a glossy finish that is best for winter fashion look. The Rich Chocolate Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown is an extreme pleasure for fall makeup lovers. Do check this fall eye-shadow kit. Also available online. Here are the seven fall eye makeup shades by Bobbi Brown.

Bone – off white

Stone – medium ash brown

Frappe – medium ash beige

Caramel – silvery brown sparkle

Champagne Truffle – warm pink beige

Cocoa – warm ashy brown

Rich Chocolate – dark brown


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