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Learn To Clipper Cut

Updated on March 21, 2014

Become a better clipper cutter - My job is to help you make that happen

I am Ivan Zoot. I am clipper guy. This is the page that shares my resources and opportunities to help you to learn to clipper cut / become a better clipper cutter. There are links here to all kinds of clipper cutting education. Read on to learn about clipper cutting look and learn classes, hands-on workshops, one-on-one coaching and class presentations.

You can see me live on stage at a hair show.

You can invite me to your salon for a private class.

You can come to Chicago and have a one-on-one learning experience.

Some programming is turn-key, ready to go. All programming can be customized to your needs and learning objectives.

Cruise around this site to get ideas of what I have to offer and then contact me to set up your training experience.

I am here to help. Lets go!

Let's discuss YOUR personalized educational plan

Email me at the above address to discuss your personal clipper cutting education goals, hopes and dreams. We can build an educational plan to help you get there.

Wathc me!
Wathc me!

2 ways to learn

Watch and/or do!

Clipper cutting can be learned 2 ways. Watching a great clipper cutter is one great way to learn. Hands -on clipper training is the other. I offer both. below are description of both of these types of programming and options for how to make these happen for you. Read on.

Live on a trade show floor
Live on a trade show floor

Learn alone or learn in a group

I offer both... You choose

Clipper cutting can be learned in one-on -one educational experiences. Clipper cutting is also shared in small group settings like in-salon classes. Clipper cutting is also shared in large trade show programs for hundreds of learners at the same time.

Look and learn
Look and learn

lecture/Demo clipper cutting programs

I cut, you watch and learn

Lecture / demo clipper cutting classes are also frequently called look and learn programming. Look and learn is a great entry to clipper cutting education. Look and learn can be as small as one-on-one and as large as mega-theater presentations.

Look and learn can be shared on live clipper cut models or on mannequins.

Look and learn can focus on individual technical cutting concepts or fashion and trend styles.

Look and learn presentations are modular, in 30 min components. Max time for a look and learn presentation should be 3 hours. 3 hours is a lot of time and a ton of information.

hands-on clipper class
hands-on clipper class

Hands-on clipper cutting education

YOU cut, I coach and train

Hands-on clipper cutting education is a big step up in learning. You will do the cutting. You will learn first hand with your hands (and eyes and ears, too).

Hands-on is typically shared in an alternating format. I cut, you watch and then you cut and I assist you.

Hands-on clipper cutting programs can be shared on live models or on mannequins.

Hands-on clipper cutting workshops can focus on limited technical skills or fashion, trend and style.

Hands-on programs seldom exceeds 3 hours. That is a lot of time and a LOT of information to consume.

The bean
The bean

One-on-one training in Chicago

You come to me

If you live in my greater Chicagoland metro area you can come to me easily.

If you do not live in Chicagoland you can come to me easily, but with a wee bit more cost for your transportation and lodging.

I have a number of venues that host my private one-on-one education.

For locals: one-on-one clipper cutting training by the hour. This is the single BEST way to learn.

Here is how it works.

Training is $100 per hour with a 4 hour minimum.

You pay $400 for 4 hours of training.

We get together (at your location or mine) for a single hour of training.

You spend a week or two applying what you have learned.

Then we get together for another hour. We do this for 4 total hours.

Each time you will have developed more skill. We review past skills and accomplishments and layer new skills on top.

By paying the $400 up front you are sure to take advantage of the additional 3 hours.

You can think of it as $100 per hour for 4 hours... or you can think of it as $400 for the first hour and 3 hours FREE.

For out-of-towners:

Best option is day training.

You pay a single day rate for a day of training. My day rate varies based on my schedule, the time of year and other factors. Please contact me for a current quote.

A day of training is 6 hours of training activity. 3 hours in the a.m., a break for lunch, and 3 hours of training in the p.m.

Training will be custom built to your clipper cutting needs and objectives.

A day of training is a combination of both lecture/demo and hands-on programming.

You will be responsible for transportation to and from Chicago (O'hare is closest, rail, bus and car options exist as well). I can provide assistance with this.

Hotel accommodations, as needed, are available locally at a variety of price points.

One-on-one training in your town

I come to you

I can travel to you for training. I like to travel. I want to see the world. Invite me to your town for one-on-one training.

Hourly training does not work for me to come to you (it can, but would be REALLY costly). Best bet here is day training.

A day of training would be a combination of lecture/demo and hands-on. You would host the event in your shop or other suitable location.

A day of training is 3 hours in the a.m., a break for lunch and 3 hours in the p.m.

You would be responsible for my day rate (email for current pricing) and my expenses. Expenses include air travel or miles driven, hotel night(s), ground transportation.

Availability of dates works in and around my work and show schedule. Let's play calendar and set up an training.

In-salon training

I come to your salon

I am available to come to your shop or salon, anywhere on the planet, to present clipper cutting education.

These in-salon presentations can be lecture/demo classes or hands-on workshops.

Class sizes for lecture demo are limited to the number of people you can put in the room and how many the fire marshal will allow. Class sizes for hands-on are limited to 12 participants. This is to insure that ALL participants have a sufficient share of my time and personal attention.

In-salon programs are day rate + expenses programs. Please contact me via email to explore current rates and dates available.

Note: You can MAKE $ from an Ivan Zoot Clipper cutting in-salon class. Many salons have done this. They arrange for me to come in to present to their team. They invite OTHER salons to join in on the learning. They charge the other salons per person to attend. This revenue offsets the host salon's cost. In many cases the host salon can completely subsidize my visit with guests. In some cases they can even have surplus revenue left over. How cool is that?

Get your tools - Clipper cutters have clippers!

Get your toolbox filled and be ready to clipper cut.

Special event and large group programs

You throw a party, Invite me

Schedule and host a salon industry training event. Invite me as a featured presenter.

I am available to headline or to be an opening act for a bigger name i the business.

I can present programming for any size audience and any venue.

I love to cut hair for charity cut-a-thons and other publicity events and stunts. My 3 Guinness World hair cutting records make me a huge draw for clients, the general public and the news media.

My schedule generally books up 6 months in advance so please think and work ahead for programming of this type. Things change at the last minute, too. Contact me and let's discuss your idea and opportunity.

Clipper cutting education? - What would work best for you?

Would you learn better in a lecture/demo program or a hands-on workshop?

Look and learn is the way for me.

Look and learn is the way for me.

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    Getting my hands in it would be better for me.

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      • anonymous 3 years ago

        How do I contact to schedule a private training?

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I will have completed my hours by January 2013 and I am not pleased with my level of clipper cutting skills. I am a perfectionist so this has a lot to do with my claim as well as The fact that I have a lot of "coals in the oven" and I honestly didn't devote enough time to learning and perfecting my craft for trying to devote a little time to each endevor and/or responsibilities. But I would like to be completely confident and competent before I get behind the chair in the shop. I'm interested in devoting my time and finances in mentorship and coaching and would absolutely love to learn the craft from a barber mogul as your self.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        I would like hands on training far a day in Chicago, when is the best time of the year .

      • Clipperguy 5 years ago

        There is a time and a place for both... But I prefer to get my hands in it!

      ClipperGuy eBooks on Disc

      ClipperGuy eBooks on Disc
      ClipperGuy eBooks on Disc

      Learn a lot from books in my ClipperGuy Says... series - Kill no trees, buy books on disc!

      If you can not come to Chicago for training and I can not come to you... Your next best option is ClipperGUy books.

      I have written an entire collection of books on clipper cutting and clipper cutting business building. Below are links to these books sold on disc. These are NOT dvds that you watch. These are BOOKS that you READ. I want to make that clear as sometimes there is a bit of confusion.

      All my clipper cutting video is on YouTube for FREE... Video is FREE. YouTube has seen to that for us all.

      There is also a link to buy these books on real, hold-in-your-hand, paper if you wish. Most titles are offered that way. Newer titles will not be offered on paper. As the world moves to digital there is less reason to do paper books.

      All books on disc are a pdf document. These can be read on a computer. They can be loaded to a iPad, Blackberry, tablet, laptop, Nook, Kindle or any other type of electronic reader that supports pdf files. if you MUST have the books on paper... hit PRINT and put it on your own paper. You killed the tree, not me!

      Also, if you do not want me to ship a disc you can download the books from the web. Downloads are fast and simple. There is a lonk to my download site here as well.

      My books on disc do have 1 slight advantage over downloads... BONUS documents. All books on disc contain a few FREE bonus documents from my world of clipper cutting. Things like blade charts, texture guides, etc. They are added to the discs as a little BONUS gift from me! Discs that have bonus documents on them state that in the description.

      Everyone loves clipper cutting videos - FREE clipper cutting education on-line 24/7/365

      I have over 300 videos on Youtube so far... and more coming every week. You will be up late tonight! Go for it!

      Barber Shop
      Barber Shop

      Go on a field trip

      Visit a barber shop

      This is FREE education at its finest. Go to a barber shop. Bring a guy with you. Daddy, your son, your boyfriend, your uncle, your nephew, your grampa. if you do not have a grampa, go to a nursing home and borrow a grampa. They need the fresh air and they will appreciate the hair cut. Buy the old guy a hair cut and WATCH. Peek over the top of your magazine and watch old guys clipper cut hair.

      This is one of the ways I learned to clipper cut. You will learn a lot, too.

      This is FREE. This is available in EVERY town in America.

      Tell the barber who you are and why you are there. Most of the guys will be happy to share a lifetime of information with you if you will let them. the hinge on their jaw is loose. Once they start talking, they seldom stop. Enjoy and learn.

      ClipperGuy hair care
      ClipperGuy hair care

      Take you career to the next level with ClipperGuy and Ivan Zoot

      Create Awesome Short Hair and make $ by reatiling ClipperGuy Hair products

      Many clipper cutters have taken the next step and decided to stock and use and sell my Zoot Hair Awesome Short Hair brand products in their salon or shop. I have a full line and brand of hair care for Awesome Short Hair. Click on the image of the jar of Zoot Hair ClipperGuy wax and look through the Zoot Hair web site for ideas and contact for more for more information, prices and details. You can make nice margins and create Awesome Short hair clipper cut styles with Zoot Hair.

      Comment here or hit me up with an email...

      Thank you for visiting - How can I help you?

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        • profile image

          denise-marie 5 years ago

          good stuff