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Leather Briefcases for Women

Updated on August 16, 2014

Elegant and Stylish Briefcases for Women

If your looking for a women's briefcase, some of the best are the many stylish leather brief-cases for ladies that can now be found. Styles range from elegant to more casual but in each one there is a definite stamp of style.

Many are made by well known designers, but an even wider selection are manufactured by well established companies that offer items that are not quite as expensive, they turn out a lot of excellent cheaper models that are just as good even if they do not have high street labels.

Here we have tried to select the best picks online. The styles are cool and the colors exciting. Every one has only been chosen if most reviewers found it a good buy, But when an item has generally good reviews with a few not so good ones we check take note of the trouble spots in the review summary.

Classic black style

Samsonite Leather Flapover Case, Black
Samsonite Leather Flapover Case, Black

Sturdy and stylish the Samsonite Flapover is suitable for every day use for lawyers and other professional women.

It has loads of room and it comes with convenient organizational pockets for all those things you need to get quickly. The padded section easily fits laptops with up to 15 inch screens.Note: While most reviewers liked it complimenting the shape, look and the hide quality. Some people are not as happy, they have tended to complain about the quality and that the boxy shape does not yield to odd shaped objects.


Why Get a Real Leather Briefcase?

There are many reasons to go for the real thing,the most common ones are its durability, look and feel. As it ages and shows wear and tear, it actually starts to look even better then new. The aging process usually adds a lovely patina to the item giving it a well worn and warm look that just adds to its charm.

Also the real stuff is easier to fix in case it gets torn or otherwise damaged, a professional shoemaker should be able to get it back to pristine condition. With care, they can last for very many years even with constant use.

To select a quality item, you should take into account the type of hide used (the best are Saffiano, full grain and top grain) , the design and the color. Once you get one you like you should try to look after it. Even though they do cost more than those made from man-made materials.

A Silhouette of Professional Elegance

image credit

I Medici Briefcases for Women

I Medici have a long tradition of beautiful, high quality leather bags. This video shows how well they are made. So check them out.

Vegetable tanned leather has the best results, especially if done by hand, The finish is rarely uniformly even, but that is its charm. They age well, are resistant to scratches and water damage.

There are many more made in italy, and they mostly tend to be some of the finest you can find. other brands include floto and more.

An Amazing Range of Styles and Tints

I must say I was surprised just how much variety there is in these professional geared type of bag, The thought and commitment most of these companies take to make a quality product that while practical is also stylish, cute or elegant depending is impressive.

Also the coloring/tint choices are pretty liberal. Far from just having brown and black, there is a lot of red, pink, green, blues and even some brighter ones such as orange, hot pink and electric blue.

No longer does being a professional women equate with boring brief choices, there are more than enough picks to select from for a bit of pizzazz without sacrificing functionality and ease of use.

How to tell Real from Fake

Lots of us think that the way to tell real from fake leather is the smell, but that is not really its natural smell, it is just the smell of the chemicals used in the tanning process.

In fact spotting a fake is incredibly difficult to spot, with advances in technology nearly all our preconceived ideas of what distinguishes the genuine can be faked. This includes the smell, feel, grain effect, etc.

On the outside it is almost impossible to tell if it is fake, the real difference is in the back or wrong side (the suede looking side). But this might not always be possible, especially for small finished products such as wallets, but also jackets and bags.

Another confusing thing is that even with a genuine stamp, parts might still be fake, all the stamp usually guarantees is that at least 55% of the product is real. A good example is leather couches, while the front may be genuine, the back and side a probably not.

If you want to learn more make sure to watch these videos.

The second shows another technique that should work most of the time but is not fail proof.

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