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Best Leather Gifts for Men

Updated on March 22, 2016
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Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything

Classic Briefcase
Classic Briefcase | Source

Genuine Leather Gift Ideas For Men In 2016

I believe the secret to finding the perfect gifts for men is to find out as much as you can about they guy, and then find a present that he will love. It is no different when it comes to buying leather gifts for men. I am always amazed when I discover new things about my male friends that I have known for years.

I played golf with a friend every Saturday morning for about 8 years. It was only recently I found out one of his big passions was model railways. He never talked about it and I never asked. I only found out when I dropped a set of clubs off at his garage and found a whole array of trains and tracks in there.

The point of this though is that before you buy a gift for a man, ask a few of his friends or someone from his family for a little insight, and then try to find him something unusual in that area. As a man receiving a gift I am always best pleased with a gift that I can actually use and comes as a bit of a surprise. Not easy to do I know but so worth the effort if you can get it right.

When it comes to buying leather gifts most people think of belts, shoes, slippers and brief cases. There is so much more than that so have a browse below to see exactly what I mean.

Calfskin Leather
Calfskin Leather | Source

Why Pick Leather Gifts For Men Anyway?

There is something about "real genuine leather" that just smacks of quality. It honestly doesn't matter what type of gift that it is but if it states somewhere on it "Made From Real Leather," then people instantly understand that you have been willing to purchase a good quality gift.

Now leather is essentially the hide of an animal which has then be treated in some way or other. There are different types of leather and as well as that, there are different treatments. In the main there are four types of leather which are:

  1. Bonded Leather - simply pieces of leather stuck together and very low quality which will not last
  2. Corrected Grain - essentially the wrinkled skin of an animal that has been buffed to get rid of imperfections - poor quality
  3. Top Grain - when the hide has been tanned, it is then buffed before the colour is applied - very popular but not great quality
  4. Full Grain - nothing done to the hid, will develop a great patina and high quality - also very expensive

So as you can probably determine from this many items are made from the top three types I have mentioned above as it keeps it affordable. High quality leather is very expensive but will last longer, and in fact gets better with age.

So the message here is that leather gifts for men will vary greatly in price depending on the actual quality of the leather.

Popular Choice for Many Guys

Chateau 6 Bottle Antique Wooden Wine Box by Twine
Chateau 6 Bottle Antique Wooden Wine Box by Twine

If your man likes and enjoys his wine, then the third anniversary is a great time to buy him something made from leather. This delightful antique wine box I think looks stunning and would make a super gift.

It is certainly a very popular choice over at Amazon, and this quality product does get some very good buyer reviews.

This one can hold 6 bottles of wine. It has something of a 1940's nostalgia to it, or if you prefer the look of buried treasure.


Leather Gifts For The Business Man Or The Corporate Guy

If you work in a large office type environment or are out on the road then looking your best creates the right impression. There is quite a lot of competition I can tell you from experience to make sure that happens.

Having some good leather accessories can really make a man stand out from the others. I have included a few just above and below so as you can understand exactly what I mean. Going to the office every morning, men and women will certainly get the use out of any gift that is bought for them.

Having something made from a high quality leather not only looks great, but will also last for a very long time. It is also a great gift idea that is fairly easy to get personalized.

Did You Know....

The average man will be wearing at least 4 leather items at any one time...

Shoes, belt, watch strap, wallet and others

Leather Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Men

Buying gifts for men on wedding anniversaries is I think the most difficult of all to get right. You want it to represent the special type of the day and yet you really want it to be something that he will love. That as you know is never easy.

I have selected a few unusual gifts other than leather wallets, belts and shoes just to try to give you some different alternatives. These are all gifts that I am pretty sure would be well received by men and certainly would be well liked.

One For the Guys

Calling Card Case
Calling Card Case | Source

What Type of Leather Gift Do You Like Best?

See results

Hip Flask with Brown Leather Wrapping

Bold Brands 8 Oz. Hip Flask, Stainless Steel with Engraved Brown Leather Wrap And Funnel
Bold Brands 8 Oz. Hip Flask, Stainless Steel with Engraved Brown Leather Wrap And Funnel

If he likes the outdoors, plays golf, hunts, hikes, walks or goes camping then he will know that having a discrete hip flask, can quickly warm the soul. Fill this one up with his favorite brew and with a quick sip energise the heart and soul.

This one is perfect for a whiskey lover, is leak proof, will never rust and makes a great idea for a wedding day, anniversary or even Father's day.


Leather Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Yes the time of the year when you have to find a gift for Dad. Again, he is always hard to but for because he probably already has so many things. You may see something that you really like but he already has one.

That is why I have put together a few unusual ideas that will go down well on any Father's day and all made from good quality leather, which I know he will appreciate.

An Interesting Fact I Didn't Know Until Now

Leather can protect you from the cold, the wind and also repels moisture

The Classic Levi Leather Belt

Levi's Men's Leather Belt With Antiqued Buckle,Black,42
Levi's Men's Leather Belt With Antiqued Buckle,Black,42

Without a shadow of doubt in my mind this is the best leather belt on the market today.

Trust me, every man wants a LEVI's buckle

It is classic in the world of men to own blue jeans, and every pair of jeans needs a belt. If that is true, then is there any better option than a Levi belt?

This is classical in every way and makes a great gift for any man irrespective of age. Mind you some guys will be able to wear it a great deal better than others.


Unique Leather Gift Ideas For All Men

I thought I should finish off with a few unique and different leather gift ideas that are all made from genuine leather. These should help give you some last ideas if all my other ones have not been able to help you.

I hope that you find them useful

Large "Tree of Life" Leather Blank Book

Tree Of Life Leather W/ Cord
Tree Of Life Leather W/ Cord

This is a very classic leather book with around 200 blank pages inside for him to write on what he wishes. It measures 7 x 10" and it is best to write on these pages with a normal ball point pen.

It does have a certain type of rustic beauty. A leather strap wraps around to keep it closed,


How To Make A Leather Wallet

Unique Idea - Money Clip & Keyring

Money Clip & Leather Key Ring Keychain Set in a Stylish Gift Box - Slim Light Aluminum Front Pocket Accessories for Men and Women - Cash Credit Business Card and Key Holder
Money Clip & Leather Key Ring Keychain Set in a Stylish Gift Box - Slim Light Aluminum Front Pocket Accessories for Men and Women - Cash Credit Business Card and Key Holder

This one is a little bit different as it has a nice money clip along with a different looking keyring.The money clip is aluminium and does a really good job of holding the money. They keyring is leather, pretty much a classical style with a metallic clip.

It comes in a nice presentation box.


I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts and Comments - Please Feel Free To Leave Them Below and Thanks for Taking The Time

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