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Casual Leather Styles to Try Out This New Year

Updated on February 3, 2016

New Year comes with an opportunity of revamping and restarting all the help up and fall outs with a renewed perspective. This applies to your style as well. All of us have those impulse purchases we make during a shopping spree which we quite frequently come to regret later. Ask yourself about those few leather garments in your wardrobe that you bought in full zest only to reduce them to showpieces, ultimate dust catchers waiting for a thoughtful eye stashed in your closet. But this New Year’s we resolve to give these pieces a fair try. Rehash some old leather outfits we might have and add a few essentials to them. Casuals are the most worn outfit combinations and it is only fair we give this style a lucky go.

Leather Jacket + Jumpsuit

This is by far my favorite ensemble. Leather jacket is the versatile staple that goes well with almost anything and everything in your wardrobe. Therefore, it surprises me how most of us dig this piece of leather garment out only occasionally. But it’s never too late. Style your everyday look of a jumpsuit with an edgy leather jacket for a fresh take on separates. You can include chic pumps and some much needed sunnies for a high street daywear look. | Source

Leather Joggers Pants + Hip Hop Avatar

If you an ardent fan of Hip-Hop, R & D and Beats, then let the world know about it through your dressing. Just pull up leather joggers’ pants over a plain t-shirt and hoodie that are preferably in monochromes to keep the bling effect in check. Or else, you can add colors to your top wear if wish to keep it dressy. Choice is yours!

Kanye West via
Kanye West via | Source

Leather Skirt + Knitted Sweater

It’s cold out there and you wish to look like an effortless glamourista. Why not pull out that leather skirt and pair it with an oversized sweater you already have. Here the knitted topwear will work as an insulator against the chill, whereas a leather skirt will up the style ante. I’ll suggest you leave your sweater untucked for an effortless feel. Belting the ensemble and adding boots will pull the look together for dressier occasions. | Source

Leather Jacket + Denim Shirt

Leather jacket and Denim shirt instantly transports us to the hippie era. This quintessential 70’s piece is never devoid of the must needed effortless macho. Now pair a leather jacket over sturdy denim shirt and pants. It will give you the wild west vibe while you rock two of the hottest trends on the fashion walkway.

Leather Pants + Plaid Shirt

Fall back the era of ‘80s with the Grunge styled plaid shirt and a beanie over sleek leather pants. It will definitely make your casual street style stand out from the rest. This style is perfect for your everyday look sending the message that you’re too cool to care yet, oh so effortlessly chic. | Source

Leather Shorts + Shirt

When you are comfortable in your skin, you don’t mind the occasional bearing of your legs. This New Year pledge yourself to let go all your inhibitions. Pull up your leather shorts that you have not been wearing, since long. You can pair them up shirt and simply be the effortless you. Donning shades and boat shoes is the possibly smart choice you can make. | Source

Never give up on creating fresher looks and revamping what your leather staples or those investment pieces say about you. Step out in style and make the most of what you got. Style is never about compromise.


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