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Awesome front pocket leather wallets

Updated on February 28, 2015

Benefits of front pocket wallets

I was a long time user of rear pocket wallets. I always considered that the rear wallets were the only way to go. My dad used a rear pocket wallet, his dad, dad's dad did and so forth.

I bought my first front pocket wallet when I was in college. What a life changing experience! Why? Why would I consider this life changing? Here are a few reasons that I like by front pocket leather wallet:

  • Less pain from sitting on a wallet all day
  • Less back pain because you are sitting straighter (I always favored one side that was without the wallet)
  • There is less bulk than a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet
  • Less robberies with front pocket wallets (harder to steal than an unattended back pocket wallet
  • More incentive to not carry receipts and unnecessary cards
  • Easy and fast access
  • Your jeans don't wear out as fast (always wallet marks before)

Horween Chromexcel Leather

Chromexcel leather is the original leather with processes that have been developed over 100 years. It is produced with a unrevealed recipe, with a special mixture of natural oils.

Chromexcel is characterized by a rich color and hand rubbed finishes. The leather is know for durability, comfort and superior style.

Chromexcel is offered in a variety of weights which includes 2-3 oz (which is 0.8-1.2 mm) horsefronts and cowhide from 3.5-4 oz (1.4-1.6 mm) up to 9-10 oz (3.6-4.0 mm). Versions of chromexcel leather includes cementable and waterproof.

New vs Old Leather

Do you prefer the look of new leather or old leather

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Can a wallet outlast its owner?

Why we are featuring a Larsen and Ross leather wallet? They claim to have a wallet that will outlast the owner. How can they have such a claim? Is their leather that much better?

From the details of the wallet, we think that it could have the making of a long time fashion accessory. It seems that leather, the more it ages or gets more desirable.

  • Wallet made from Brown Horween Chromexcel Leather.
  • USA handmade, hand cut and hand sewn
  • Wallet includes 4 pockets. 2 in the front, 1 middle, and 1 back pocket
  • Estimated that wallet will hold 5-7 cards and your cash
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Wallet dimensions - 4.125" X 2.75"

A leather wallet worth a photoshoot?


Front Pocket vs Rear Pocket Wallet

Do you prefer a front pocket wallet or rear wallet?

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Why do I hate back pocket wallets?

I am still amazed to see the plethora of tri-fold and bi-fold rear pocket wallets being sold. Not only are they being sold, but it is still difficult to find high quality and stylish leather wallets.

There are a number of reasons why I hate back pocket wallets:

  • I would get back pain from sitting on an angle with a bigger wallet
  • I am always nervous that someone will steal it with it accessible in my back pocket
  • I have had the wallet slip from my pocket
  • I hate wallet rub marks on jeans. It makes jeans look older than they really are.
  • I am more apt to keep uneeded papers or receipts with a bigger wallet.
  • The world is going more digital
  • No one carries pictures (everything on iphone or android)

Once you switch from a back pocket wallet to a front pocket wallet then you won't want to go back!

What other leather items are worth buying for longterm use?

The weekend bag by Larsen and Ross is amazing.  It offers a product that will last a lifetime.
The weekend bag by Larsen and Ross is amazing. It offers a product that will last a lifetime. | Source

Making of a Chromexcel Horween Leather

Is it worth making your own leather wallet?

Making you own leather wallet can be fun and rewarding. Larsen and Ross offers kits to let you sew your own leather wallet. The hardest parts are taken care of you so you have a finished high quality leather wallet.

Larsen and Ross cuts the leather pieces and makes the holes to ready you for wallet making.

Leather vs Fabric

Do you prefer leather wallets or fabric?

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Chomexcel Horween Leather iPad case

iPad leather case is convenient, accessible, good looking, and durable.
iPad leather case is convenient, accessible, good looking, and durable. | Source

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