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Leggings / tights – the good, the bad and the ugly for legs / different body types

Updated on November 24, 2011
good examples of how to wear leggings
good examples of how to wear leggings | Source

Leggings / tights are popular items for a few years now. Every woman seems to own at least one pair of leggings or tights. They are very versatile and can be worn on many occasions. This hub talks about some of right and wrong ways to wear leggings / tights. Hope you enjoy this hub and rock leggings / tights beautifully.

Correct ways to wear leggings / tights:

  • Wear leggings / tights underneath a dress

  • Wear leggings / tights underneath a skirt

  • Wear leggings / tights underneath a long top (the top should cover all of your behind)

  • Rock black leggings / tights

Wrong ways to wear leggings / tights:

  • Wear leggings / tights as pants

  • Wear leggings / tights with shorter tops (part of or the whole behind is showing)

  • Wear bright colors or white leggings / tights (unsuitable for most women)

Now, we know the proper ways to wear leggings. But there are leggings of different lengths, colors and patterns. How to choose the perfect pair of leggings to go with your outfit and flatter your body? The question puzzles many women. There are some leggings that will look cute on one body type while very unflattering on another. I will spend the rest of the time here talking about how to wear leggings / tights and which types look good for your legs / body shape.

Colors / patterns of leggings – Like other pieces of clothing, leggings come in all different colors and patterns. In general, you really want to just stick to black and dark brown. Black is probably the safest to wear for all women regardless of your shape. And it will match with pretty much everything in your wardrobe. White, along with other bright colors should be avoided by most. These colors tend to give the illusion of bigger legs. These are only suitable for a supermodel with very long and shapely legs. Even then, it is very hard to match other clothes with it.

Wear leggings at the knee length – Knee length leggings are more suitable for a taller woman because it visually breaks the legs in half which tends to make you look shorter. They provide warmth in colder weather and can help you feel more confident when wearing a shorter dress. Pair them with heels, a shorter dress and a belt to achieve a great look.

Wear leggings at the calves – These should be for someone with very shapely legs. It tends to accentuate your calves (very muscular calves should avoid this). This type of leggings is also suitable for a taller girl.

Wear leggings at the ankles – Leggings at the ankle length are very popular and will flatter a lot of people. When in doubt, choose ankle length black leggings. You can wear it with heels or flats. You can also pair them with boots of all types in the winter for added warmth. Boots that are the same color as the leggings will elongate the legs (very good for shorter women or women with short legs).

Wear leggings that are stirrups – Stirrups leggings that cover part of the feet are very flattering for a woman on the shorter side. These tend to elongate the legs so they will flatter those with short legs. Pair them with heels, a dress and a belt to achieve the best effects. A shorter woman can look taller and with longer legs with this great combination.


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