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Lehenga Sarees - The Latest Fashion Trend in India

Updated on April 29, 2014

Is it a Lehenga or a Saree?

Let's just call it a mixture! The Lehenga Saree is the latest trend in fashion to hit India. It is easy to wear and you're all set to rock an Indian party within minutes (or seconds even!).

There are many Indian women out there who just love to wear a saree but cannot because the whole process can be a bit complicated. The pleats take up some time because they have to be laid out well. How about getting a saree where the pleats are ready and you don't have to do a damn thing other than just wear it like a wrap around skirt? That's what lehenga sarees are for!

I was wondering what to wear for an Indian party, when I came across these absolutely adorable collection of sarees to wear. They came pleat ready and I needed to wear them around like a skirt. After that I draped the sari in a singe layer and I was all set to go! I simply loved the easy way with which I was able to love my beloved traditional wear in a new and a simple way. Whoever came up with this idea of a saree gets a huge kudos from me -- and of course, other unconventional Indian women like me!

CBazaar Collection of Lehenga Sarees #1

CBazaar Collection of Lehenga Sarees #2

CBazaar Collection of Lehenga Sarees #3


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