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Levis Jeans - 5 Most popular Styles + viral video backcam

Updated on March 10, 2011

Levi Strauss or Levis Jeans - Whatever you call them, they are great!

Of course the name Levis is practically synonymous with Jeans. While you may know that much, you might not know what all the different style numbers mean. This hub will explain the five most popular styles Levis 514, Levis 511, Levis 510, Levis 527, and Levis classic 501 Jeans. Focusing on the style is important, as it gives us insight as to how Levis Jeans have remained so popular. Even today, in 2011, Levi Strauss is still a powerhouse brand. This is especially shocking considering Levis was founded in 1853! That's BEFORE the civil war!

Not many companies have been able to remain in business that long. Not only has Levi Strauss managed to be wildly successful this whole time (to the tune of 2008 earnings of close to 4.5 billion), but they have done it in the very fickle world of fashion. The fashion industry is notorious for turning on you at the drop of a hat, so how is it that Levis jeans have stood the test of time while so many others have failed?

With comtemporary styles they have kept people interested in the Levis brand, but furthermore they have some very interesting marketing campaigns - including a recently released video featuring two beautiful women, one of whom has a camera installed in the back of her Levis Jeans. This camera shows the attention she is receiving while walking in front of people.

To be fair, I think this woman would probably get that kind of attention regardless of if she wore Levis Jeans or any other kind of pants, but it's still a very clever video. You can watch it below!  There is also a great banned in the US Levis Commercial which is also really funny!  You can see that below as well.

Levis Jeans Ad Campaign image

Levis Jeans Red tab Collection
Levis Jeans Red tab Collection

Levis 514 Jeans

Levi's Men's 514 Straight Jean, Tumbled Black, 34X30
Levi's Men's 514 Straight Jean, Tumbled Black, 34X30

You can Modify the Size and Color once you have a look at this item on Amazon!


Levis 514 Jeans

Levis 514 Slim Straight jeans are one of Levis lowest rises.  They have a straight-leg style that fits close through the seat and thigh.  The slim, but not skinny, jean sits below the waist and has a straight leg. The Levi's 514 is quickly becoming one of the top fits within the Levi's® Red Tab™ line.  The color is totally versatile - not too light, not too dark. Goes with everything.  You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.  These Levi Jeans come in a variety of washes and colors which make them a great addition to any wardrobe.  The denim material is super soft (not stiff and not too heavy either) made of 100% cotton.   The universal slim fit never feels too snug or looks too baggy.   These Levis Jeans are truly a great pair of pants!

Levis 511 Jeans

Levis low-rise Skinny 511 Jeans sit low on the hips, below the waist and stay slouchy at top. Cut slim through the leg, it's close and comfortable at the thigh and straight to the ankle. Made of premium denim that's grown, constructed and finished using less water.  511 Skinny Levis Jeans, are Slim fit through the seat & thigh with skinny, 14.75" leg openings from the knee down.  Popular since it's inception 3 years ago, the Levi's 511 jean is a slim fit with a tapered leg and features cool cinch back detailing.  511 Jeans have Whiskering and frayed edges create a vintage look.  These low-maintenance jeans can be worn across every season and are great for evenings out or casual weekends.  

Most of these Levis 511 Jeans model’s washes are offered in a cotton and spandex blend. Take advantage of the use of a small percentage of spandex when choosing skinny jeans because want them to fit tight, but still be able to comfortably move.  These Levis 511 Jeans feature styled, wider belt loops, new pounded hardware, and single-needle stitching creating a great overall look!

Levis 510 Jeans

Levis slimmest fit Jeans are the 510 Jean.  These Super Skinny 510 Jeans sit below the waist (like the Levis Skinny 511 Jean), but then gets extra narrow through the leg - all the way to the ankle. Its denim stretches just enough to keep you comfortable.  510 Jeans have Levi’s Jeans signature pocket swoops, and shiny rivets, making these jeans a hip update of a classic style.   There is the classic Levi's label at back right waist. These Levis Jeans are Zip fly with a Button at the waist. The Approximate leg opening for these Levis Jeans is 13". This makes them a bit skinnier than the 511.  99% cotton/1% elastane to keep them comfortable, and slightly stretchy. Levis 510 Jeans have a five-pocket design and a super slim fit.  They sit below the waste and have a very skinny leg.  This is Levis Slimmest fit.

Levis 527 Jeans

Levi's 527 jeans are part of the new Low Rise lineup. The 527 is a bootcut style yet with a straight leg to not make things look too baggy on you. The waist of these Levis Jeans sits low on the hips.  The Seat and Thigh fit in a regular fashion.  The leg has a bootcut 19" opening.  These Jeans are zipper fly, with the standard 5 pocket design.  The Levis 527 jeans fabrics have been sandblasted, have slight whiskering, and are 100% cotton.  The Levi's 527 Low Rise Bootcut jeans combines a classic fit in the seat and thigh with a stylish low rise. The 19" boot cut leg opening looks works with any footwear.  Levi's puts a modern twist on their timeless boot cut blue jeans with these updated low-rise 527 Jeans.

Levis 501 Jeans

The blue jean that started it all. Levis button-fly 501 Original Jean is straight through the seat, thigh and leg, a bestseller for its one-of-a-kind fit. The tilted waistband pitches toward the front. Wear it true to size or size it up for a looser look. Levi's 501 Jeans is part of a program that minimizes water in the finishing process. They are 100% Cotton. The Levi's 501 Jean fits slightly below the waist, classic seat, thigh, and leg with a 17.25 inch leg opening. With over Over 150 years and running these jeans are always in style. The 501 Levis Jeans are sometimes just referred to as button-fly jeans. The collection includes some classic and some updated varieties.

Levis Jeans have become the world's most successful manufactured article of clothing. Levis 501 Jeans were designed for Gold Miners in California, but have truly become a staple item in wardrobes around the world. From normal working folk to celebrities, to high powered business men, Levis Jeans can work for everyone. In 1981 Levis introduced 501 for women (now known as 505). Levis 501 Jeans truly have something to offer each individual, and truly are a great, timeless style.

Levis Jeans

For More Levis Jeans and other Levi products, Check out the Levis Jeans Amazon Store. Consider Levis Shoes to match your Levi Strauss Jeans. They truly have a very large selection of great, stylish products.

Levis Jeans Viral Video Backcam

The First Video I think is extremely clever, highlighting the reaction a girl receives while walking around in public in her Levi's Jeans. This hidden back-cam gives us some insight as to what really goes on behind our backs!

The second video is a Levis Jeans commercial banned in the US.  It has a very humorous twist at the end so make sure to watch it all!

Levis Jeans back-cam

Levis Banned Commercial

Levis Jeans Classic and Stylish, Levi Strauss Brilliant Marketing

We've covered some of the styles of Levis Jeans - The popular, always classic 501 jeans.  The Skinny Levis 511 Jeans and the Super Skinny Levis 510 Jeans.  The Levis 514 Jeans with their great, stylish fit, and the Levis 527 boot-cut Jeans.  There are Tons of styles and color options offered by Levis, along with many addition items like Levis shoes.  You can take a look through the Levis Jeans Amazon Store to see everything they have to offer.  The Levis Back-cam commercial and Levis Banned Commercial are two examples of brilliant marketing from Levi Strauss.  Especially in the internet age, Levis Jeans has done a lot to embrace viral marketing and really make some funny and interesting stuff.  Please leave comments with your favorite Levis Jeans, thoughts about the viral videos, or anything else!  I hope you enjoyed this hub!  Like, share, tweet, etc.  Thanks for reading!


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