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Libra Tattoo Meanings and Designs

Updated on July 11, 2014

Libra Temporaray Tattoo

Libra Tattoos and Their Meaning

Some followers or adherents of Libra in the Zodiac choose to have the symbol associated with the sign as a tattoo.

The symbol for the astrological sign Libra is scales, which absence any human or animal image, is the only sign of the zodiac that stands alone; although a human hand holding the scales is assumed to be there.

Although an obvious symbol of justice, the scales associated with Libra have more of a correlation to balance in life in general, which of course includes justice with it.

So in relationship to balance or symmetry, attributes like fairness, kindness, being just and diplomatic are part of the theoretical nature of people born under the sign.

The idea is the desire to compare and balance is part of the internal makeup of these people, as displayed in the glyph representing them.

Libra Tattoos

With all that in mind, the tattoo design of choice for those seeking to express themselves in relationship to Libra is the scales glyph or symbol.

A set of scales is the centerpiece of all the designs, but there is a lot of creative elements that can be added to the scales, including the design of the scale itself, as well as the placement of objects on the scales to be weighed in the balance.

That's appropriate because Libra fully represents the weighing of people and things in order to bring them into balance.

Ornate Scales

This first Libra tattoo design has a traditional look in the sense it stands alone before you; being the statement of what it represents without any ancillary objects or themes included.

The design stands on its own because of the assumption those who know what it is will already understand the meaning. In other words the tattoo as a work of art is what stands out to me,

I don't know if it was intentional by the artist, but the way the dark and light colors blend together lend themselves to the meaning of Libra in the sense of balance.


Scale on Rock

While this is a very simply designed scale, I like it because of the scale being placed on a rock, implying those who properly weigh things are laying a solid foundation in their lives.

The idea behind this scale was a good one, including the symbols on the scales themselves, and the scroll with dates on them. Too bad the designer wasn't more talented, as the idea has a lot of potential.

Tribal Libra Scales Tattoo

I like this tribal scale design. The dark colors are great, as is that little circle of red at the top center of the piece.

The Gothic design of the scale itself was a good choice. Again I see that as probably being done on purpose by the artist because of the symmetry of the curves and lines of the scale body on both sides; pointing to the meaning of the Libra sign.

Also looking good is the way the tribal lines on either side of the scales are copies of one another, also reinforcing the meaning of the Libra theme.


Angel and Devil Weighed on Libra Scales

Here we have a compelling depiction of an angel and devil - representing heaven and hell - being weighed on the scales.

The faces of the two participants being weight are well done. You get the sense the devil is outraged that he is being weighed in the balance at all, while the angel has the appearance of uncertainty about it.

It seems the skulls at the bottom of the scales represent souls making decisions about the two beings and what they represent; in this case apparently making the wrong decision, or seeing the consequences of making the wrong decision.

The quality of the art is very good, capturing nicely the essence of the lives most of us walk on this earth on a daily basis and the many choices we will face.


Faires Being Weighed on Libra Scales

With these two fairies we have a similar idea as the tattoo theme above, with the good and evil fairies being weighed on the scales.

Designing the fairies in the colors red and blue works good, helping to distinguish the two areas or ways of life they represent and which are being balanced.

Also of note is the fire in the middle, representing the fact that we must weigh everything carefully or the costs can be great.

What must be kept in mind with what Libra represents, is those that are thinking on these things are always trying to figure out how to bring various people and issues of life together. So while the issues are disparate and seemingly impossible to bring into symmetry, a Libra will attempt to find ways to do so.


Patriotic Libra Scales Tattoo

This is an interesting tattoo because it specifically asserts by the inclusion of the flag things are being weighed or considered from an American point of view.

It's also possible the decision to have one star on the flag points to a unified America, represented by the states being in union and harmony with one another in regard to the balance of the nation, and how that balance interacts with the rest of the world.

Either way, it points to not only America, or even other nations, but each of us individually and as families in how we determine various inputs in our lives and the way we may respond to them.

Concerning the overall design as art, I like it. The way the flag wraps around the scales, and the scales itself, look very cool.


Libra Scales Tattoo Designs

Whether you believe or adhere to the signs of the Zodiac in general, or to Libra specifically, the meaning behind it still holds, as we all attempt in some form or degree to look at various aspects of life and attempt to balance them out in our minds or practical lives.

The glyph or symbol of the Libra scales is a reminder that we will face many options in life, and our responses to them will determine whether or not we will live a more harmonious life, or one that has a lot of ups and downs.

Getting a tattoo of the Libra scales is a testimony to this fact, while being a cool tattoo design on its own.


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