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Lingerie Trends

Updated on May 1, 2017

Trends Seem To Be Inspired By The Great Depression Era


Lingerie Styles Are Changing

Article By Sharon Stajda

Like so many other aspects of the American experience these days, today's lingerie climate is taking some of its cues from the "Great Depression". In the depression err of the 1920's, if a woman had a bit of spendable money you would not find her buying a new dress or a pair of shoes, more likely she would she would purchase a new Bra or girdle. If she could not afford a whole new outfit, she could at least look good in the clothes she had, and a new pretty piece of lingerie could do wonders to lift her spirits. Plus a little treat in lingerie cost far less than that dress or pair of shoes, and could also work to spice things up in her after dark.

With the present financial situation that seems to be affecting everyone, women aren't spending as much on their wardrobes as in previous years. Perhaps women are looking at what they already have in their closets, and realizing they should hold on to their fund for "a rainy day".

The high waist panties is still very popular.

Sturdy Foundations Are On Trend

This season there is a trend toward the sturdy "hold it all in" foundation, this may truly be a result of women wanting that perfect figure without any chance of anything looking as if there is a lack tone. Spanx offers this well toned look. Spanx come in a variety of styles that literally cover all problem areas of a woman's body. They are comfortable, wash well, and are moderately priced.

Cute High Waist Panties Are All The Rage

The high waist panties is still very popular. I am not sure why these have held on, but I think ladies have come to realize how the cut can be very flattering to the figure. Fabric choices will include more silk and organic cotton, which is nice because it breaths.. The biggest change in regard to fabric is cotton/silk blend, this blend makes for a wonderful soft feel, and drapes beautifully for a nice fit.


Erotic lingerie - Here is an exclusive view on what's up in lingerie


Animal Prints


Sentual Colors, And Exotic Designs

First up, is new erotic lingerie, all done up in some of the most sensual colors, and exotic designs. Designs with Intricate heavy embroidery are now passe and overshadowed for spring by summery polka dots and wild animal prints.

Add Some Roar To Your Lingerie

A big trend will be the animal print in subtle black-white combination or daring hot pink print hues. Lingerie styles found in plenty on the runways at New York Fashion week . Designers presented fabulous shimmering fabrics, bold floral adorned with embroidery and delicate laces. Even polka dots have been revamped in both the large and small patterns in some wonderful refreshing decorative styles.

Floral Undergarments - Oh So Sweet


Think Floral

Oh Yeah, you might say "everything's coming up roses !

Florals have come into their own this season. Another trend that deserves mentioning, this spring you are going to see some wonderful cool colors and edgy cutwork on unmentionables. This season designers have given us some great choices in undergarments.

In nighties look for again lots of demure floral designs, with a tad of soft ruffles and or lace applied at the borders . I would be remiss if I didn't bring up ruching . Ruching is being used anywhere you can imagine this season, from dresses, to jackets, to handbags, and oh yes on lingerie. Ruching is fabulous, and really hides figure flaws wonderfully.

Classic White & Nude - continue to hold its place in undergarments


Spice is still nice ... "It's still comes down to the good girl and the bad girl"


Classic White And Nude Undergarments Still Sell The Best

For women that love the classical colors in lingerie don't fret, the classical pastels will be in your favorite shop - but somewhat neutralized and made softer, baby blue, a hint of pink, soft coral, celadon green and more.

Sizzle Still In Vogue

People are definitely spending more time at home do to the money crunch, and sexy lingerie can certainly liven up a Saturday night at home. This springs many designers have provided lingerie with a sexy flair that will not disappoint the woman that has a Saturday night fantasy in mind.

Sexy lingerie


Frilly Undergarments - Continue To Be Popular

Maybe the frilly stuff is selling less, but it still sells.... Lingerie is one of the last categories of retail to suffer in our lagging economy. I am not sure of why this is? I guess we can look back to the Great Depression, and consider the logic of women choosing to purchase underwear over other fashions. "Your money might be tight - but treat your girl right".

Just Curious?

What is your favorite style in lingerie?

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Lingerie - see what's new for 2015


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