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Bridal Lingerie: Nights In White Satin

Updated on November 1, 2013

Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie is the perfect finishing touch to make the wedding day, and night, extra-special. For the wedding day, you will need one set of bridal lingerie and for the wedding night, you will need another. Here are some suggestions on what to look for:

Bridal lingerie to be worn under the wedding dress must be:

* Comfortable. Sex-appeal is not the MOST important factor for the lingerie to be worn under the wedding dress. The bride will wear this lingerie 12-18 hours. You do not want to be thinking about your lingerie during your important day. Wear your lingerie at least once before the big day, to make sure that they are comfortable enough on the wedding day.Matching in color: Match the color of your lingerie to your dress. If you have chosen a white dress, choose white lingerie. You will be dancing, moving, bending, etc. You do not want your red bra to be seen under your white dress.

* Matching in style: If you have chosen a dress with a low-cut back, choose a bra or bustier with a plunging back. Backless or adhesive bras are also a possibility.

* Garter Belt: It is a tradition in many countries for the bride to wear a garter belt, which will be tossed to the bachelors in the audience. Look for something sexy and sweet. Often blue or white is chosen.

Bridal lingerie to be worn on the wedding night:

* Simple to put on and take off: Keep in mind you will probably both be exhausted from the wedding. Don't keep him waiting 1/2 hour lacing up a complicated corset. If you do, he might be asleep by the time you get finished.

* Special: Use your imagination and creativity. This is your wedding night. Wear something you and he will remember.

Strapless Bridal Bras - Imagine wearing these on your wedding day.

White strapless and stunning.

Bridal Corsets - Corsets Are Sexy

A bridal corset is a stunning way to be married.

Bridal Garters for the Traditional Garter Toss - This is a lovely garter

All eyes will be on your thighs with this garter

Bridal Lingerie Party

A bridal lingerie party instead of a bachelorette party or a bridal shower

Instead of having a bachelorette party or a wedding shower, why not have your bridesmaid organize a lingerie party? A lingerie party is a fun way to entertain your guests and to get a collection of amazing lingerie for your honeymoon and your first years of wedded life. There are many types of lingerie parties, some wild and sexy and some that you can invite your grandmother or future mother-in-law.

Bridal Gloves - The lingerie for your hands

Don't forget that white gloves are the sign of a well dressed bride

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