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Lip Trends for 2014

Updated on August 4, 2014

How to Find the Right Lip Shade 2014

Lipstick is back. IT was gone there for a time, but nobody can hide it. Women are branching out into lipstick heaven and selecting bright, flashy shades that will catch all eyes. This coming year, you can expect to see deep purples, orange reds, and an unkempt lip style.

Think just woke up from a romp in the bedroom. No lip liner, just a smack of fiery color that will suit any woman daring to dare the lipstick.

This lens will provide you with:

Lip Trends 2014

What Lipstick Works for You

Great Lipstick, Lip Stain, and Lip Gloss suggestions.

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How to Find the Perfect Lipstick

One red lipstick does not look great on all lips, so it important to discover what shade will illuminate your complexion and enhance your natural beauty. Here are some tips that I have read from and adapted:

1. When choosing a lipstick, stay within two to three shades of your natural lip color. You can find a sexy lip color that keeps it natural, yet smoldering....

2. Fair skin looks great with rose and pink lip shades.

3. Olive skin looks radiant plums and beiges.

4. Dark skin can go very very bold with deep crimsons and purples.

5. Your hair counts, too: The lighter it is, the brighter your lipcolor will look.

6. If your teeth have a yellow cast, then try lipsticks with blue undertones like pinks, plums and berries, which can counteract the yellowish tint.

Major Beauty Trend: Imperfection - Ergo Lip Stains!

What the Pros Are Saying:

"Emily Kate Warren, a member of Dick Page's Shiseido fashion runway team who has also done makeup for Yoko Ono and Jennifer Jason Leigh, calls the 2012 lip "Popsicle mouth" because it appears as if the wearer has been sucking an ice pop. (A variation of the mouth was seen at the Viktor & Rolf spring 2012 runway show.)

To achieve the Popsicle, Ms. Warren advised forgoing lip liners and wands and applying a swab of bright color in the center of the lips, then pressing them together and rolling. "The darkest gradation should be in the center and should blast out to nothing," she said, adding that the technique is also a way for women timid about sporting a high-wattage lip to try electric orange or red." -NY Times

Lip Stain Tips

Let's learn about lip stains:

Lip stains have their own quality of coloring the lips by sinking into the tissues. They last longer than lip gloss or lipstick and were invented in the 1990s. They have a gel or water base, and some contain alcohol that aids in affixing to the lips.

Applying Lip Stains:

Begin by exfoliating the lips before applying the lip stain. By removing the dead built-up skin, they will be more accommodating for a smooth appearance. Hydrate the lips and use a lip balm at least five minutes before applying the lip stain. It allows for a smoother appearance. Shake the lip stain before applying to your lips to ensure a more even look. Apply the lip stain hastily and blend as much as necessary. Add a lip gloss, if you'd like, on top of the lip stain. Let it dry and proceed with your day without concern about your lips.

Lip Stain Pros:

The Postive Aspects of Lip Stains

Lip stains are able to adhere to your lips until you are ready to wash it off at the end of the day.

Lip stains have a dual purpose and can be utilized as a blush as well.

There are moisturizers that are built into the lip stains, so keep your lips moist.

Nude is Warm and Nutty - Embrace Your Natural Lip Tone!

This tip has been adapted from Refinery 29, my favorite fashion blog:

Nude lipstick is a great hue to go for hat plays upon the natural, every day activities. You look great, but don't FEEL or LOOK like you're wearing make-up. Also, this is one of the easiest shades for all skin tones to wear, as you can find lip colors with an assortment of undertones.

When wearing a nude or brown lip color, try a matte or traditional lipstick rather than a gloss, as glosses can often look 'too nude' and weirdly shimmery. This lip is great for casual wear in warm, muted, almost nutty shades. I'd suggest a less-is-more eye, with only simple mascara and well-groomed brows.

Seeing Purple? - Bold Lips Take Hold of Winter

I don't know if you've noticed, but I certainly have...deep, rich hues of purple lipstick floating the lips of brave women. Here is the main advice from professionals at MAC:

"For this trend, I'd recommend a lip gloss for a sexy, dramatic look. The gloss will look healthy if you use a semi-transparent shade, rather than a traditional matte lipstick, which can make you look like you have bruised lips. The purple shade generally looks better with a paler skin tone (verses a summertime glow), but you'll want to wear a little color on your cheeks in a medium brown or pink shade, and a nice, classic eye. It may be fun to really play up your lashes, but I'd avoid a deep, smoky eye - as that could make you look like a vampire."

How to Wear that Perfect Shade of Red

Consider the lighting. "If you're going to be outdoors, pick a softer or sheerer shade," says Rachel Lockhart, owner of Rachel's Makeup Studio, in Boston. "For evening, go bolder, so your features stand out."

Avoid deep reds if you have thin lips. They tend to make lips look smaller.

Don't play up your eyes. "Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup," says lipstick designer Poppy King. A little mascara and beige shadow will do.

The secret to choosing the right red lip color is in the undertones. Pink-skinned girls should opt for cherry red. Those with olive skin can wear fire-engine red. Dark skin looks great with deep reds. One big red lipstick no-no: It's best not to match lips to your outfit.

Don't use red lip liner. If it doesn't match your lipstick perfectly (and odds are it won't), you'll end up with a two-tone effect. If you like using liner, find a shade that's close to your natural lip color and use it to outline your lips.

Don't toss a red lipstick in a shade that doesn't work. "Top it with a gold gloss to warm and soften it, or add a pink gloss to take it to the bluer side," says makeup artist Maria Verel.

Lip Gloss Tips and Techniques

Apply properly. Instead of putting gloss on like you do lipstick (from left to right, top to bottom with a smack!) apply gloss to the middle of your bottom lip only. Rub lips together. This will keep gloss from going on too thickly & getting goopy on you.

Apply gloss over lipstick. I love the look of just a bit of gloss over a neutral lipstick. Again, dab just a bit in the center of lips and smooth out from there. Keeps you from applying too thickly.

You can use the lip gloss alone, with a liner or on top of a lipstick or lip stain.

Fiery Reds

Sephora Tip: "I especially like orange-red, verses straight-on red, because it can be more easily worn by many skin colors - the orange tones the color down. Some people are afraid of real reds as well, which makes orange-red a nice alternative. Like hot pink, it comes in many hues and consistencies, so it's not hard to find a shade and texture that would be suitable for you."

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    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I really enjoyed learning about the new lipstick trends for 2012. I especially like the way you explained about each shade and who should wear it. I'm thinking lip stain, right now. The pictures were also so beautiful.

      Angel Blessings**

    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 5 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I really enjoyed learning about the new lipstick trends for 2012. I especially like the way you explained about each shade and who should wear it. I'm thinking lip stain, right now. The pictures were also so beautiful.

      Angel Blessings**