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Lipsy Dresses: Party Dress Central

Updated on January 17, 2012

Lipsy Dresses Will Set You On Fire

Lipsy dresses are the ultimate must have outfit for a friday night--they are total knock-out party dresses. They solve the age old problem of trying to find the not so stereotypical dress that every girl has in her closet.

Lipsy dresses are fresh, unique, cute, sexy, and exclusive--they are sold in the UK and haven't made their official splash here in the US quite yet. They are right on par with the very popular UK brand Wallis Clothing. Be ahead of the crowd and spoil yourself with styles that will definitely prevent you from getting lost in the even most beautiful crowd. Lucky for you, you can buy Lipsy Dresses online.

Lipsy dresses are designed with such creativity and flair that is not reflected in their price, they certainly won't break the bank. You will be restraining yourself to not buy more and more, but don't worry--they are the bargain of every fashionistas' dreams.

Check out the Editor's Top Lipsy Dress Picks based on look.

Top Lipsy Dresses: Elegance With a Sexy Flair

Have a dinner date with your hubby and want to wow him AND the crowd? These lipsy dresses do the improbable: perfectly combine elegance with just the right amount of sex appeal. Show off a little leg but don't go overboard with these two top picked lipsy dresses. 

Lipsy Mesh Shoulder Ruched Dress
Lipsy Mesh Shoulder Ruched Dress | Source

This lipsy mesh shoulder ruched dress is like nothing you will ever see. The chic style is emphasized with carefully picked modern colors. The length is moderate, showing a respectable amount of leg, and the neckline is perfectly feminine. The fabric grazes over the curves you want to emphasize and sneaks past those you don't.

Perfect pick for a theater/dinner date or a night out with the girls.

Lipsy One Shoulder Pleated Dress
Lipsy One Shoulder Pleated Dress | Source

This lipsy one shoulder pleated dress combines a nice satiny finish with a cinch-tie waist. The all over pleats offer a very unique look that at the same time stiffen the fabric to help hide problem areas. The one shoulder element is very flattering on all body types and shoulder widths.

This dress would look fabulous with a black clutch. It would be an ideal outfit to wear when you don't want to be out-classed and still want to have fun.

Top Lipsy Dresses: Cute and Moderately Sexy

So you're going on a second date and you really want to wow him? These lipsy dresses will absolutely do the trick.

Chiffon Tiered Bandeau Lipsy Dress
Chiffon Tiered Bandeau Lipsy Dress | Source

The ruffles give this chiffon tiered bandeau lipsy dress a touch of cuteness where the length and neckline draw the sex appeal. Ruffles are a fun way to add movement to a dress and disguise panty lines or bloating! They add to your feminine figure by emphasizing your curves.

The color of this lipsy dress is so soft and alluring but will still turn heads (and remind your date how good of a catch you are). This dress can be seen on Kimberly Wyatt, the stunning ex-Pussycat Doll member and current Got To Dance judge.


Lipsy Dresses: Grecian Style Lipsy Dress

If you have a love one of the most popular styles of dresses today, grecian style, you are going to love for this Grecian Style Lipsy dress that is currently on sale.

The tell-tale grecian style drapey fabric is sure to compliment any women; it will even add curves to a more athletic body and enhance the bust with the low-cut halter style neckline. Most importantly, the extra not so skin-tight fabric will camouflage any lack of smoothness your body may have.

Where to Find Lipsy Dresses

You can purchase lipsy dresses internationally on the Lipsy London website.


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    • profile image

      fabgirl21 6 years ago

      Great hub! Thanks! I love this type of style. I must have something this in my closet. I just bought myself a beautiful sequins cocktail dress from Jovani but I am tempted to also get Lipsy Mesh Shoulder Ruched Dress.