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The Best Contour Product ?

Updated on April 8, 2016

A little while ago there wasn't a craze bigger than contouring to ensure our cheekbones were so sharp they could cut any worries from your life. During this rush there was a huge release of contouring products from all price points, and all formulas, and today we will be testing one of these products.

When I first decided to expand my skills further than a simple shimmery lid, I went to Mac and bought the MACnificent Me Accentuate / Sculpt duo. It comes in a small compact, without a mirror, and inside you will find one shade to contour and one to highlight.

This duo was priced at $44 AUD ($33 USD, £25), which is not too expensive for a high end product. However, when you compare that to the prices of contour palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills or Kat Von D which sell 6 shades for only a slightly higher price. It is slightly expensive for two shades, one of which I find almost useless, as we will discuss later.

I believe I paid $44 for a single contour shade, the highlight shade is almost identical to my skin tone and really doesn't show at all. The shade really doesn't have any shimmer or reflectivity to it at all, and doesn't act as a highlight by any means. It is almost completely matte, but in saying that I don't know how it would act as a setting powder to absorb oils and prevent shine.

And in all honesty, I find it almost completely useless.

The contour powder it self possess quite a warm-neutral pinky undertone that often looks better on top of bronzer than on its own. Because of this I find it an sometimes look muddy if you use it too heavily when contouring your nose.

The powder is also very lightly pigmented which can be a good and be a bad thing, it can be easily built up without becoming too strong too quickly. However, if you are experienced in the world of contouring, you may find it tediously feint.

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In summation, I find this contour powder is a good product for beginners. However, I still think money could be better spent on the single pan of the 'Sculpt' shade which is available from Mac Pro Stores. The highlight shade does absolutely nothing on my skin tone, and I would have preferred to have read more reviews and made a better purchase.

I don't hate this product and if your heart is set on buying it I would totally discourage you, however, I do encourage you to look around and maybe buy a palette that would be better value for money.


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