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Long and Tall Line of Clothing

Updated on August 5, 2016

The Problem

If you're tall (basically any one that is over 6ft) than you certainly have your fair share of advantages. Mainly been able to reach things off the shelves that no one else can at the supermarket as well as having a height advantage in sport... However height can also have it's downsides. We won't get caught up too much on all the tall people problems out there though as we're only interested in addressing the main issue we as taller men face in our day to day life and that is finding clothing that fits.

From finding a hat that fits our (generally larger) heads all the way down to finding shoes that fit and everything in between, it can be a real struggle at the best of times. As a tall person going shopping at the mall can be a bit of a tease really. Most shops that you walk in to will carry your standard sizes so that even if you do happen to spot a garment that you're liking - the chances are they will not carry it in your size.

So where does that leave us giants? Getting garments custom-tailored can be expensive, buying them from big and tall man stores can leave us with minimal options and buying clothing in bigger sizes can look baggy and sloppy. Is there an answer out there of how we can have the same access to clothing options that people of regular height have so that we can look stylish with out us having to fork out hundreds of dollars to tailors and expensive boutiques?

The Solution

Luckily in an age with a lot more online shopping we are starting to see an increase in online retailers that cater to taller men.

Let's start at the feet. If you're a big guy you no doubt have larger sized feet, making it difficult to shop for all kinds of shoes whether they are sneakers or business shoes. There are definitely a number of online retailers that cater to bigger feet but often the shipping can be expensive for shoes. We came across this handy article to help you find the best and most affordable shoes for bigger feet.

One of the hardest pieces of clothing to shop for as a taller man is pants. It doesn't matter whether it's a pair of jeans, business pants or track pants - the problem remains the same, they just never seem to have enough length! We stumbled across a great post recently from an Australian brand that caters to bigger guys called Plus 2 Clothing. Their article best pants for tall men is a great starting point if you're wanting to see what the most appropriate styles are and where to find them. If it's extra long t-shirts you're after they also stock a large range of them in a bunch of different colours and styles to suit your mood.

Last but not least, hats... It is most likely that you will have a proportionally larger sized head if you're above 6foot and with that in mind finding headwear that fits can prove quite difficult. We would definitely recommend that you have a browse on the big hat store here who stock a great range of different style caps and hats to suit your needs.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you and we look forward to providing more help for all the bigger guys out there that struggle to find fitted clothing in the future.


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