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Secret Life of the Long Tops

Updated on March 29, 2010
Long Tops Come Handy While Riding the Bike
Long Tops Come Handy While Riding the Bike

There are people who couldn't care less about fashion and pick their pieces of clothing according to the season at most. Sometimes they even miss that but it doesn't stop others to put some style into what they wear all day. It affects how you feel after all.

The summer is slowly crouching on us and the lighter pieces are coming out the wardrobe whether you want or not. There are still some chilling days waiting to jump at you should you choose a short sleeve shirt, it is not an issue with some long tops.

Long sleeve tops are often referenced to as long tops as a short hand version but the two things are essentially the same. Long sleeves tops made of a lighter material are the choice for these not so cold but neither warm spring and autumn days and they are fashionable too. What a pleasant coincidence.

While a full blown summer is best survived in short sleeves you might want to keep some of the longer ones in your wardrobe in case the weather turns out to be colder than you'd imagined.

Another way to express your affection for fashion is combining the two. While I'd personally would just get a long one with some living colors and patterns some people swear by the combination of long and short tops. This style involves a thin plain long top under the more decorative and thicker material short top.

Long tops are not only shirts and t-shirts. If you want a sweater you most probably are looking at long sleeve variations. Short sleeve sweaters exist though they are not often and commonly worn since the contradiction between the purpose of a sweater and the unfit feature of the missing arm-piece.

The weather is rather unfriendly where I live and while there are nice sunny days, the summer is short and hardly shorts and tee. There is lots of rain so my favorite piece is a hooded long sleeve sweater, which I bought for $20 if my memory serves me well.

Choosing a long top is not hard at all. In fact I think there is no easier thing than that. Major retailers keep these at all times so you can have long sleeves during the summer if that is what you want, they're cheaper during the warm months, too. I'd suggest bringing a friend though, two pairs of eyes spot the wardrobe wrecking pieces more accurately.

Thanks to richardmasoner for the photo.


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