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Lorax T Shirt

Updated on October 15, 2014

Lorax T-shirts

Here you will find a collection of t-shirts with Dr Seuss's The Lorax featured on them.

T Shirts featuring this character are in high demand and hard to find, with most of those which have been available in the past being now sold out, but this lens features a few which are currently for sale as well as those which have previously been available, so that fans can look out for them being sold second-hand.

With the release of the Lorax movie in 2012, more t-shirts featuring this Dr Seuss character have become available and all the designs that I have been able to find are featured here.

Celebrate your love of the environmentally aware Lorax, whether you are a fan of the book or the movie (or both) by purchasing your own novelty t-shirt featuring this Dr Seuss character.

Those who wish to find T Shirts that feature other Dr Seuss characters can look here: Dr Seuss T Shirt Collection.

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Truffula Trees Trim on

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Lorax T Shirt
Lorax T Shirt

The Lorax T Shirt Featuring The Picture From The Movie Promotional Posters

Amazon Price: $19.99

Lorax Movie Poster T Shirt

Have you read the book? Have you seen the movie? Well then, now it is time to get the t-shirt! This bright orange t-shirt features the unmistakable face of the Lorax from the digitally animated movie as seen on promotional posters. This design is really striking and will be popular with fans of the movie which features Danny DeVito's voice. Currently, this is one of very few t-shirts featuring this Dr Seuss character that are available to buy online.

Lorax Recycle T Shirt
Lorax Recycle T Shirt

Please Recycle - An Environmental Message To Remember

Please Recycle Lorax T Shirt

On this white and blue, stripey shirt, the Lorax is pictured along with the text, "Please Recycle", an obvious message from this character to us to help save the world's resources. This cool item carries a great environmental message along with the picture of Dr Seuss's famous forest-dweller.

For those of you who are fans of of this charming character and of the environment, then this stylish t-shirt is an obvious choice; you can look out for it on eBay auctions where it is often featured.

Speak For The Trees T Lorax Shirt
Speak For The Trees T Lorax Shirt

Speak For The Trees - A Lovely Truffula Forest Design

This is another design that only seems to be available on auctions on eBay. This bright pink shirt features Dr Seuss's character in front of a Truffula forest with his famous quote, "I Speak For The Trees", written across the top. I really like this colorful t-shirt which captures the spirit of Dr Seuss's illustrations.

This girls t shirt is often available on eBay and is a nice, bright item for young Lorax fans to wear on a summer day. This shirt is also a nice variation on the theme with the Truffula trees as the main object of the picture.

Bar-Ba-Loots T Shirt
Bar-Ba-Loots T Shirt

Bar-Ba-Loots T-shirt. Get Them Before The Forest Is Destroyed!

Bar-Ba-Loots T Shirt

On this t-shirt the playful Bar-Ba-Loots, who inhabit the Truffula forest at the beginning of the story, are pictured along with the caption "I love Bar ba loots. This is a great design and the only one that features these playful little animals from the book. Dr Seuss created so many funny creatures that pop up in his books and it is nice to see these peripheral characters appearing on a t-shirt.

This cute and colourful t-shirt is currently only available on eBay auctions; see below for availability.

Look Out For These Shirts That Were Formerly Sold On Cafe Press

Until recently fans could find t-shirts with their favorite Dr Seuss character depicted on a wide variety of shirts available on the CafePress website.

These T Shirts were available in all sorts of shapes and sizes and featured a logo of Dr Seuss's The Lorax, but, alas, they are all now unavailable and have been removed from the website - I don't know why but the picture to the right gives you an idea of what to look out for when buying second-hand. Look out for these designs on eBay auctions and garage sales and all sorts of other second-hand vendors.

Many more Dr Seuss themed t-shirts can be seen here: Dr Seuss T Shirt Collection.

Lorax T Shirt Design
Lorax T Shirt Design

Perhaps This Was This Another Truffula Tree Shirt?

I found this original design on a website called and it appears to have been submitted for a competition whereby the winners would be printed. I cannot tell if this design ever actually became a real T Shirt or just something hypothetical.

It is a shame if it was never printed because it is a nice design, in-keeping with themes of the book, and would have made a nice addition to the collection I have presented here.

Lorax T Shirts That Are Not Currently Available On Online Stores

Planting A Truffula Seed T Shirt

On this colorful and elaborately designed item of clothing The Lorax stands in the Truffula tree forest overlooking the environment. Also featured on this design is a quote which talks about planting Truffula seeds. This seems to have been for sale on a number of websites, but apparently not now. Look out for it at second-hand sales, charity shops and eBay where I have seen it auctioned a few times.

Dr Seuss's Lorax

This is a really cool and understated design but what a shame it is out of stock, I am sure that many more of these could have been sold to fans of the story and now, the movie. On this dark t-shirt, The Lorax stands in his classic pose on a Truffula tree stump with a caption underneath carrying the character's and author's names.

"The Future Is Green"

This T Shirt was part of the Lorax project range and it seems to have sold out very quickly; either that or it was never for sale on the internet. I certainly cannot find anywhere online to buy this item at this point in time. On this shirt The Lorax is featured along with the words, "The Future is Green". It would seem that your only chance of finding this is to look out for it being sold second-hand.

No Preservatives Added

This is another item issued by the Lorax project but which I cannot currently find for sale anywhere on the internet; it certainly is not available on the project's website. I guess this is another case of looking out for a second-hand one. It is a shame because with its subtle green and cream hues I am sure that this would be a popular item for fans of the book and the movie to buy.

Infant's T Shirt

When I first created this page, this lovely t-shirt for toddlers was available on but now it is out of stock and I do not expect it to be back in stock any time soon. What a pity because it really is a nice, colorful design that would look good on little Seuss fans. However, it does show you how in demand Lorax items are and if you manage to locate something you like it is wise to buy it soon because it is likely to go out of stock relatively quickly.

A Lorax T Shirt Features In A Youtube Video Clip! Watch It Here

This short video clip is not really of much interest to readers of this page other than for the star of the show - the Lorax T Shirt! This lady is wearing a design that I have not seen anywhere else, so it makes a pleasant addition to this lens.

Make your own Lorax T Shirt
Make your own Lorax T Shirt

How To Make Your Own Design - Truffula Trees, Swomee Swans Etc

For those who want a Lorax T Shirt using a design which is not available, why not try to make your own? It is not as difficult as you might think and it allows you to recreate any illustration that you like from the book.

The following is an excellent account describing the technique used to make a Truffula Tree T Shirt, but, obviously, the method could be used for any design:

Making a Lorax T Shirt.

How to make a Lorax T-shirt
How to make a Lorax T-shirt

Maybe You Can Paint Your Own Picture Of The Character Onto A Shirt

I found a video tutorial on how to create your own designs using paints and a stencil - Stenciled T Shirt, Dr. Suess, The Lorax.

The tutorial uses a video clip which is easy to follow and the idea will allow you to create any picture you like on any item of clothing, this is a fun project that parents and children could do together or perhaps an idea for a school activity?

The result looks very professional, I think you'll agree, but I am not sure how well this sort of thing holds up to being washed.

How To Quickly Fold A T Shirt - It Takes Just A Few Seconds

This short tutorial video demonstrates how to fold a T-shirt in just a few seconds. I have tried it myself and it takes a little practice but it really does allow you to fold your shirts very quickly.

Save The Trees Game - Have Fun Playing It At Seussville

Lorax Game
Lorax Game

Whilst you are waiting for your order to arrive take a look at where there is a nice little game, that kids will enjoy, called the Lorax's Save The Trees Game.

Lorax Book Collection
Lorax Book Collection

Lorax Book Collection

A web page displaying a collection of books based on Dr Seuss environmental campaigner. There are coloring books, a variety of reading books and even a pop up Lorax story! Check them out.

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Lorax Project Banner
Lorax Project Banner


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    • profile image

      DMVAgent 5 years ago

      lorax tshirt design is so beautiful .. so love it, thank you for sharing!

    • profile image

      jmoore557 5 years ago

      With the movie coming out soon, kids will love to have a Lorax shirt.

    • GeorgeneMBramlage profile image

      Georgene Moizuk Bramlage 5 years ago from southwestern Virginia

      Great lens! Maybe I will just have to break down and make my own "Lorax" tee-shirt. I can't seem to find a really good one.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Great! Found just the Lorax shirt I wanted to buy for my husband. Thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      These are great t-shirts, I love them... Dr Suess is great too.