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Homemade Scented Body Lotion, Body Spray, Bath and Shower Gel

Updated on November 3, 2012

Save money and make your own scented body lotions, body spray, bath and shower gels

Making your own scented body lotions, sprays, bath and shower gels will not only save you money but you will have fun at the same time. There is a vast array of essential oils and fragrance oils (some are Bath and Body Works types) available so you can pick and choose what you like best. I've made these before, not only for my own personal use but I've also given them as gifts to family and friends. They make great gift items to give as bath sets, to add to gift baskets and many other ways you can think of. Don't be surprised when giving them as gifts if you get a request to make more!

Gift Giving!

For special gift giving such as birthdays, and holidays and special occasions consider making lotions, sprays and shower gels to add to gift baskets. Be creative with a little food coloring (or leave it white), add a homemade Christmas label or hangtag and some sparkling ribbon, a candle, book, movie and other things you can think of. Family and friends will love something you have made with your own hands and you will enjoy giving your gift even more knowing how much money you saved along the way.


Cool off those HOT feet!

My mother complains of having hot feet most of the time. So I thought why not just whip up some shower gel and body lotion using a peppermint fragrance oil (skin safe of course). Add these to a small basket along with a loofah, and some other feet essentials such as a pair of flip flops and maybe even a toe-ring for a younger person would make a nice gift. Sure to give them "cold feet' so probably not the best gift to be giving any engaged person, if you know what I mean.

Make them for Children~Simple and Easy

***Kids will love to help

If you are looking for some 'clean' and simple fun ideas for the kids to make, you might like to try the body lotion and bath gel. You can omit the fragrance oils and just make colored lotion (or leave it white) and do the same with the shower/bath gel. Either way it can still be fun for the kids.

If you have one of those kids (usually boys) who gives you trouble when it comes bath time this could be just the trick to get them excited about taking a bath! The girls will have fun making their own lotion. *Age appropriate and with adult supervision***

Body Spray

Do you like to layer your favorite scents? If so, you will want to try making your own body sprays. Easy as 1-2-3! All the ingredients you will need are body spray base and fragrance oils of your choice (all skin safe of course). Recommended amount of fragrance oil is no more than 3%. Mix and pour into spray bottles of your choice.

So much fun to make

What would you do with all the lotion, bath gel, and body spray you made from this recipe?

See results

Ingredients and Supplies

The following items are what you will need to get started

1. Lotion Base (unscented), Body Spray

2. Shower/Bath Gel Base (unscented)

3. Skin Safe Fragrance/Essential Oils

4. Bottles/lids (for packaging)

5. Food coloring (if you want to add a little color - optional)

6. Labels (these will be what you make and use for labeling the product with the name of the fragrance and design of your choice.

*Warning labels for skin irritation and ingredients can be purchased already printed from the website I have stated below)

7. Large glass or plastic bowl for mixing (not to be used for food afterwards)

8. Metal spoon or rubber spatula (not to be used for food afterwards)

9. Kitchen funnel

Mixing process

Begin the mixing process by pouring the amount of lotion, spray or shower gel base into the mixing bowl, add the measured amount of fragrance oil and/or food coloring (optional). Blending well with spoon or spatula. Using the funnel pour your product into bottles. It works best to label your bottles after they are filled to avoid smearing the labels in case of overfilling.

Aroma Haven & Rustic Escentuals

(new owners of Kentucky Candlewax Supply)

I purchased all of my ingredients; lotion base, body spray, shower/bath gel base, bottles/lids, including warning labels,on line from

Aroma Haven & Rustic Escentuals.

Not only do they have great products but they also give great customer service.

They will gladly answer any questions you have about using their products.

***Fragrance Oils...Bath & Body Safe

Some are Vegan Friendly

Aroma Haven & Rustic Escentuals has many skin safe fragrance oils to choose from for women, children and men. You can purchase sample size (1 oz./$2.60) of all their fragrance oils. A great way to get started before making larger quantities.

*** NEVER put fragrance oil directly on the skin. Skin safe oils are SAFE ONLY when mixed with skin products such as soap, lotion or shower/gel. It may cause irritation if direct contact is made with the skin. .

*** The suggested amount of fragrance oil to use per gallon of base (lotion, spray or shower/bath gel) is 1% -3%. Make sure the fragrance oil you chose is 'skin safe'. Although you can use up to 3% on the fragrance its suggested to use the smallest amount possible to avoid skin irritation and to keep from making your lotion or gel too thin or watery. If you choose to add color to your products using the food coloring, go easy on how many drops you use. Remember any liquid added to the lotion base or shower gel base will thin them and its been my experience it will make your finished product not be as good.

(For a complete list of fragrance oils and pricing visit Fragrance Oils)

*** NEVER put fragrance oil directly on the skin. Skin safe oils are SAFE ONLY when mixed with skin products such as soap, lotion or shower/gel. It may cause irritation if direct contact is made with the skin. .

* Unscented

For those with allergies

You may just want to omit the fragrance oil and leave your products unscented. Either way your homemade products will be sure to please those on the receiving end.

Bath & Shower Gel Base

Paraben Free

Bath & Shower Gel Base

Our Bath & Shower Gel Base is unscented, clear and provides fabulous, lush foamy lather. The base is a cold mix base, so no heating is necessary. It doesn't get any easier! In addition to the Kosher vegetable glycerin, the Bath & Shower Gel Base is made with propylene glycol which, next to water, is one of the best moisture-carrying vehicles used in cosmetics formulations. It has excellent skin permeation like glycerin which gives a pleasant feel without greasiness. Both are humectants that absorb water from the air resulting in a base that feels great to use. The great foam comes from Sodium Laureth Sulfate which comes from coconut oil (and is the natural alternative to Laryl Sulfate) and is considered to be a mild surfactant.

Available sizes:

2 oz.

1 lb.

1 gallon

TLC Skin Therapy Lotion Base

Paraben Free

TLC Skin Therapy Lotion Base

Paraben-free moisturizing TLC Skin Therapy Lotion has been formulated to nourish your skin by providing moisture & softness without leaving an oily, tacky, greasy or sticky feel - it glides on easily, absorbs quickly, and feels great on the skin. This moisture rich lotion base is easy to work with and takes oils, additives and color very well. It is white and odorless, so coloring and scenting are a breeze! Add body safe fragrance oil up to 3%. Because it is colorless and odorless, you will use less additives to achieve the results you need. The smooth consistency of TLC Skin Therapy Lotion will provide you a long-lasting moisture rich feeling.

Available sizes:

2 oz.

1 lb.

1 gallon

Moisturizing Body Spray Base

Contains NO alcohol to burn or irritate skin.

Moisturizing Body Spray Base

Our luxury Moisturizing Spray Base will leave your skin and hair feeling soft, smooth and silky! This base makes a lovely body mist, body splash, and hair conditioner. Base will take up to 10% fragrance load but typically a 3%-6% fragrance load will yield the best results. Works with most fragrance oils and essential oils - testing is recommended. Color of Moisturizing Body Spray Base can range from colorless to golden yellow. So easy to use! No additional additives necessary - simply add fragrance and repackage.

Available sizes:

16 ounces

1 gallon

Attractive Packaging

Cosmetic Bottles

Use these inexpensive bottles to distribute your free samples, in your gift baskets, for lotions, shower gels, shampoo, liquid soaps, bath and body, travel sets, hand lotions, hand sanitizers, and gifts. Custom packaging in the perfect sizes and styles for purse, pocket, for traveling or anything that needs just that right little container!


For your finished products

Pre-printed Labels

Labels are necessary if you are planning to sell or give away your homemade products. All ingredients are listed for each product base you happen to purchase. Labels for bath items are priced $2.99 pkg. for 100.

Keeping it safe

*** Remember the utensils, etc. should not be used for regular kitchen use after working with fragrance oils.

Save Money!

What will you do with the money you save by making your own bath products?

See results

Helpful tips

1. Be sure when giving or selling your homemade products to have each item labeled with ingredients and possible skin irritation warnings.

2. For filling your bottles, try using a food storage bag with one bottom corner snipped to squeeze the gel and/or lotion into the bottle.

3. By using a label making program already on your computer and printer, you can easily design your own labels to add that special touch to your products.

4. When giving your finished products for gifts try personalizing the bottles by putting the person's name directly on the labels.

5. Be sure to use 'skin safe' fragrance oils.

6. When using food coloring, you only want to use enough to color your products without making them to thin. Your end results will be pastel colors.


Try one or more of these to enhance your bathtime experience

I hope you like my lens and leave a comment

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      kimark421 5 years ago

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      This was a fun read. I love fragrances in any form and now I want more!

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    • DeboraR profile image

      DeboraR 8 years ago

      [in reply to Joyce ] In answer to your questions you would need to ask someone who is a supplier. I've listed the supplier I used which is Ky Candle Wax. If you go to their website you will find out more information and answers from them. You will also be able to purchase products in bulk from them. Good luck with starting your business.

    • DeboraR profile image

      DeboraR 8 years ago

      Since you only use a drop or two of food coloring it has no effect on coloring the skin. Keep in mind since the food coloring is a liquid the more you use the thinner your product will become. [in reply to Suzie-Shine]

    • Suzie-Shine profile image

      Suzie-Shine 8 years ago

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      I am very interested in making my own products. Where do I get the recipes? I am interested in using an organic preservative. Is there something I can use to keep a longer shelf life? I would be ordering your products in bulk as I am trying to start a business. I can use all the help I can get. I have made products for myself in the past tha have turned out great.

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