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The 5 Steps To Lose Weight Fast With Lyposuction

Updated on April 4, 2010

Lyposuction is an effective way to lose fats within a short period of time

Lyposuction is an effective way to lose fats within a short period of time. If you are contemplating to undergo the surgical way to lose the excess pounds, you need to be familiar with the five steps that a patient has to undergo to maximize the benefits of the surgery. Because these are steps, you cannot go to the next without completing the other previous procedures. For you to understand lyposuction, this article divided the procedure into five important steps, including the pre-operative treatment, during the operation and the post –operative treatment, and maintenance.

  1. History Taking and Medical Examination

Prior to the actual procedure, each patient undergoes a medical and physical screening to rule out any existing illness. This is the stage where the physician checks whether the patient is eligible and in good health condition to undergo the cosmetic surgery. Questions like the current age, family and personal health background are crucial to determine the likelihood of possible complications and success of the procedure. After the history taking, the doctor refers the patient for a thorough medical examination - including laboratory diagnostic tests, cardiovascular tests and other tests for the major organs in the body. Once you pass both the medical and physical tests, only then will you be eligible to undergo the lyposuction.

  1. Preparation for the Surgery

Preparation includes the briefing of the client over what to expect during the procedure, and the signing of the consent and waiver. During the preparation, the physician counsels the patient for a second time and discusses the parts of the body that need lyposuction. This is also the time to ask queries if you have one.

  1. The Surgery

The actual operation starts when the physician makes markings on the body part. The marks will remind the doctor about the amount of fats suctioned and the location of suctioning. When everything is set, an anesthesiologist injects the anesthesia to free the patient from pain. As the anesthesia becomes effective, the physician begins the lyposuction procedure. Using a cannula and an aspirator, the physician sucks the excess fats using a machine.

  1. The Post-Operative Treatment

Right after the procedure, the patient will feel a tolerable pain in the area treated, especially when the effect of anesthesia subsided. During the phase, the patient has to strictly comply to the doctor’s orders to avoid any complication. Some side effects of lyposuction are bruises, minor bleeding, swelling and pain. All these are manageable with post-operation medications. After two weeks to one month, the swelling and bruises should subside, and you can go back to your normal activities. This is the period where you can visibly appreciate the drastic weight loss and the perfect contour of your body.

  1. Maintenance

Because lyposuction is a fast way to lose weight, you need to accompany the surgery with lifestyle change. To enjoy a longer lasting effect, start a healthy diet, reduce the consumption of fatty foods, and avoid overeating as well. You can accompany your healthy food consumption with regular exercise to give your body a better tone.

When you follow the five steps, you ensure a successful cosmetic surgery. You can maintain your perfect figure with minimal diet and exercise. As long as you take each step honestly and efficiently, you will never have to undergo another lyposuction again.

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