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Lyposuction : The Secrets Revealed

Updated on April 4, 2010

Lyposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries nowadays

  • Lyposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries nowadays. The different Hollywood artists who have admittedly taken the procedure are increasing everyday. Because of the much popularity of lyposuction, even ordinary people want to have the procedure done - if only it financially permits. Although there are many people doing it, it does not mean that it is also safe and convenient for everyone. In order to understand fully the procedure, here are some of the secrets of the surgical procedure.
  • The Risks and Side Effects

Like any surgery, lyposuction does not guarantee 100% safety. Because certain complications may arise from the simple cosmetic surgery, surgeons must exercise extreme precautions when performing the procedure. This is the reason why it is so important to give honest medical and health background to your physician during the consultation. Otherwise, the perfectly shaped body you dreamt of can lead to a disaster and even worse, death. Although it is true that majority of the patients who had the procedure done are successful, there were also failures, which especially involved the dishonesty of the patient in revealing their true medical condition.

  • The Effectiveness

Lyposuction is effective in reducing your weight if you follow it up with a lifestyle change. The changes include a healthier diet, reduction in the consumption of fatty foods, avoiding overeating and binge eating, and a regular exercise. When you accompany lyposuction with these recommendations, you can indulge in your sexier and healthier body longer. With proper diet and exercise, you can take pleasure in the effectiveness of lyposuction for several years. However, without the lifestyle change, your body will be back to its old form in a few months. As a result, you need to undergo another costly and non-risk free surgery.

  • The Cost of the Procedure

Because lyposuction is quite costly, not all people can afford the cosmetic procedure. According to studies, the cost of lyposuction is the major reason why only few of those wishing to undergo the procedure have it done. The cost depends on different factors - such as the total amount of fats removed, body part involved, the clinic, and the doctor performing it. With these different considerations, you need to prepare a good amount of money before jumping into it. If you have $1000 and above, you can find clinics that can give you a good deal. However, beware of false doctors and clinics offering too low service fees. They might be one of the hundreds, or even thousands of clinics performing the procedure illegally.

  • The Patient

Most patients of lyposuction are the obese, overweight and the figure conscious individuals. Mostly, the obese and overweight undergo lyposuction for health reasons. On the other hand, the figure conscious undergo the surgery only for cosmetic purposes. Most of the patients are women who want to maintain their youthful body contours.

  • Lyposuction has its own share of secrets in the cosmetic world. When you know the risks, costs, and effectiveness of the procedure, you can make better choices. Depending on your innate motives, lyposuction can be the best alternative for you.

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