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Luxurious Hair - Use Macadamia

Updated on July 28, 2017

Detangle and Strengthen Your Hair

The average macadamia nut contains 2% calcium, 1% vitamin E, 5% iron, 5% Vitamin B6, 9% magnesium, 3% zinc, 6% phosphorous, 17% thiamin and 4% niacin. That's a nutrition packed nut.

(Data obtained from WolframAlpha knowledge engine)

The Beauty Nut

Not only is the nut a good food to add to your diet (in moderation, of course, due to its high GOOD fat content), it is an excellent ingredient to use on dry, brittle, chemically damaged hair.

The macadamia nut contains high levels of Omega-7, a monosaturated fatty acid that makes it a good ingredient in cosmetics--skin and hair care. It's equivalent in the cosmetic industry is mink oil.

When Should I Use Macadamia Products?

I don't use macadamia oil products every day. In fact, I often use them only once or twice a month.

Why? I have healthy hair but it is a bit coarse, dry and very thick making it "a bit wild" at times. I also have some layering which means the longer layers get a bit split and dry.

Ways I Use Macadamia Products

  • I use macadamia products when I want a sleek straight look.
  • I use macadamia products just on the ends of my hair, where the hair is dry and brittle.

If my hair were brittle all over, then I would use the macadamia product all over my hair as often as I needed to in order to tame my strands.

Tip #1

Wide tooth combs push hair care products through the hair without causing stress on the scalp and hair.

Your hair will become healthier from scalp to tip with regular product use and complete distribution using a wide tooth comb.

Macadamia Hair Care Products - Several Demonstrations

Tip #2

This may not be a great product if you have oily scalp and hair to begin with.

A leave-in macadamia oil product may make your hair feel oilier than usual. Test macadamia products with a sample first to get an idea of how the product can benefit your specific hair condition and needs.

Finding Free Samples

Here are a few ways to find macadamia hair product samples:

  • Check with your local Ulta Beauty store. Ulta provides samples for many of their products.
  • Sign up for at a sample site online. Free samples of beauty products are given away by companies through online portals. Make sure you read the terms of service first---you'll probably get a lot of spam after you signup so use a separate email address just for signups like this.
  • Contact the company that makes the product you're interested in. These companies want to sell you their products and samples are a part of that process. If they don't give away samples directly to potential customers, they can tell you which retailers will.

Tip #3

Devise your own schedule for using these products. Some hair may benefit from macadamia products every other day, once a week or once a month.

Nutritional Value of Macadamia

Macadamia Nut Health Benefits

Ingesting macadamia nuts is even better than applying them to your hair or skin.


According to's nutritional database, raw and roasted macadamia nuts are a source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Of course, they contain a lot more Omega-6 fatty acids.

They are a nut which means they are a protein. And it appears that roasting them reduces the nut's fat content a bit and increases the levels of magnesium, calcium, iron, and thiamin they provide your body.


Many people believe that macadamia nuts are really good for post-menopausal women. There doesn't seem to be be anything scientific to back up that idea.


However, WebMD identifies macadamia nuts as a treatment to lower cholesterol. They say it works but doesn't have a dramatic effect, but taking a particular dosage every day of the nut can lower total cholesterol by about 3%. Here's their dosage recommendation as it was studied in scientific research:

For lowering cholesterol: 40 to 90 grams (about 17 to 37 macadamia nuts) per day.

WebMD does not mention how much weight gain you can expect from eating so many macadamia nuts every day. Self. com lists a 1 ounce serving as 10 to 12 kernels equal to around 203 calories per ounce when raw and 202 when roasted. That's a great snack size, but I think I would stop at an ounce. :-)

Have You Used a Macadamia Hair Product?

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