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Made in the USA -- Clothing and Other Items That Fit Your Budget!

Updated on July 22, 2012

I wanted to gather a few sites to share with you all. It is tricky to find clothing and other products that are strictly made in the USA and I know some of us like to support companies that do so. Here is a compilation of links that I hope you will find useful.

Cafe Rags

A nice collection of shirts, tank tops, patches, and stickers for men and women. Competitively priced and affordable clothing. All made in the USA.


This one doesn't offer much in clothing, but they do offer wallets, beanies, belts, bags & more. Another line which offers products made by Hemp.

Faerie's Dance

***NOT ALL ITEMS ARE MADE IN USA*** A cute clothing site for men, women and kids. They offer a wide assortment of clothing such as tanks, tops, hoodies, pants, and skirts.

Tomorrow's World

This company is based out of Virginia. This site offers a variety of organic mattresses, blankets, sleepwear, socks, under garments, baby items (stuffed animals, blankets, crib sheets), and more.

A. S. Tees

Affordable t-shirts for men, women, kids, & infants. One of the better selections for your basic cotton shirts. They also sell their fabric. :)

Celia Rachel

A company based in North Carolina that manufactures all their products in the USA. Check out the blankets! They look incredibly cozy. They have a range of sheet sets, blankets, comforters, tablecloths, and more!

Buy In America

This site offers gorgeous evening gowns and cocktail dresses for women of every size! The clearance section has some amazing deals!

Mina Wear - The Groovy California Lifestyle Line

This site is priced a bit more steep, but has a nice selection of Hemp lounge wear (great for Yoga or Zumba classes!!). Based out of California, the only thing imported is the hemp itself. The rest of the work is done here in the USA.


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    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you! I have added your store to my page. :)

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 5 years ago from Arizona

      Can you let me know which ones and I will edit the page to reflect this information.

    • starrkissed profile image

      starrkissed 5 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you, Jeff. I edited the page to reflect this information. :)

    • profile image

      Cafe Rags 5 years ago

      Here's another, for those two-wheeled enthusiasts out there:

    • profile image

      eveconsult1 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Style haute 7 years ago

    • profile image

      ลงประกาศฟรี 7 years ago

      It's also in Canada?

    • adsensemaster profile image

      adsensemaster 7 years ago from India

      fantastic writer also got good writing skills.

      I am always reading all your hubs also big fan of you.

    • profile image

      Allen Octave 7 years ago

      Thanks for good post.

    • profile image

      Jeff 8 years ago

      Only some of Faeries Dance clothing is made in the USA. Seems like most is made in Asia under strict fair-labor laws.

    • Research Analyst profile image

      Research Analyst 9 years ago

      Thanks for the list I can really use it.

    • Nicole Winter profile image

      Nicole A. Winter 9 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thank-you so much Starrkissed! I love the hub and have checked out the sites. The buyinamerica site has some beautiful dresses on it and the prices are incredible! Thank-you, thank-you so much for your pro-America, pro-fashion article!

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen great! This is the kind of information we all need to keep our USA dollars in the USA...I'd rather pay a dollar or two more knowing that I'm helping my neighbors right here. Thanks, Starrkissed!

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Great hub Starrkissed! You did very well with the limited resources out there :). I will definitely look at some of the websites on your list.