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MadPax Backpack Review

Updated on July 6, 2014

Cool for School!

What are Madpax backpacks? They are not your average backpack. They are fun, colorful and make a statement.

They are 3D inspired bags that provide fashion and funk! Kids of all ages will love all the features that are included. They have pouches, pockets and zippered areas and they come in all sorts of colors and different sizes.

Just because you child (or you for that matter) have to haul gear to work or school doesnt mean it needs to be carried in a dull old backpack. Now you can "rock it" and still have the functionality that backpacks offer.

They come in four different sizes: Fullpack, Halfpack, The Nibbler and the Mighty Bite.

Fullpack: This backpack will store all your books and gear in this one of a kind bag. Weighing 1.6 pounds and sized at 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches.

Halfpack: This one will hold a iPad and weighs just over 1 pound and measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches.

The Nibbler: Great for carrying a snack or lunch as it is insulated. With its shoulder strap it makes a terrific tote as well. Weighs just over half a pound and measures 12 inches x 9 inches x 6 inches.

The Mighty Bite: Great little bag for all your gadgets; cellphone or iPod! Weighs just .2 of a pound and measures 6 inches x 5 inches x 4 inches.

Later Gator Backpack

MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Later Gator Fullpack Bag, Red-Tillion, One Size
MadPax Luggage Spiketus Rex Later Gator Fullpack Bag, Red-Tillion, One Size

What a different kind of pack! Everyone will notice this one. It is made of solid construction with a main storage area and a few small side pockets and sturdy straps.


Hugh Jackman's Daughter with MadPax Backpack

Hugh Jackman's Daughter with MadPax Backpack
Hugh Jackman's Daughter with MadPax Backpack

MadPax Luggage Bubble Fullpack Bag

MadPax Bubble Crush Full Pack, Orange, One Size
MadPax Bubble Crush Full Pack, Orange, One Size

Made of durable material (polyester and spandex) this full size backpack is great for kids from five and up. It has two pockets in the center as well as two on the outside. With padded shoulders it is easy to wear. Also has a laptop pocket on the inside.

MadPax Blok Backpack (Pass The OJ Halfpack (Orange))
MadPax Blok Backpack (Pass The OJ Halfpack (Orange))

This backpack has a block pattern and the zipper pulls are little blocks! Just like the other Mad Pax backpacks it has padded shoulders and a center area to carry you child's school books.


MadPax: Web Commercial

Backpack Safety for Kids

Most kids these days take a backpack with all their books and other belongs when going to school. It makes carrying all their homework and other stuff easy and organized in one place. They can also offer a fashion statement.

Since children are still growing it is important to make sure that the backpack they use fits them properly and isn't too heavy.

How Much Weight is Too Much?

The result of carrying too much weight can cause sore muscles and even strained ligaments. As well shoulders and the lower back can be compromised. In a recent study a number of orthopedic surgeons reported seeing children with back and shoulder pain as a result of backpacks. These same surgeons stated that a child can carry about 20% of their body weight as the limit of the amount the backpacks should weigh.

However to be on the safe side, 15% is probably a better number. That means that a child who weighs 80 pounds should have a weight limit of about 12 pounds.

What to Look For in a Backpack

These bags should be comfortable to wear which means they should have wide and heavily padded shoulder straps that can easily be adjusted. Waist and side straps are useful in keeping the bag close to the body and allowing the weight to be evenly distributed.

It is important that these bags be worn correctly. That is to say they should be worn over both shoulders. As well heavier items should be placed in the bottom of the bag.

When to Not use a Backpack

They are great for taking to school or work or even hiking but they shouldn't be worn by children when using bikes, skates or skateboards. Since they tend to make kids top heavy and therefore less stable, they are more likely to have a fall.

Unique Backpacks for Kids

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