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Magic Leverag Hair Curlers

Updated on June 22, 2014

Magic Leverag Hair Curlers - No Heat

If you're one of those ladies who loves to curl your hair, but are against using any heat, then the Magic leverag hair curlers would be ideal for you. These work well with different lengths due to the fact that the set contains several sizes of rollers. It's easy to use and you wouldn't experience any discomfort when using them. In fact, you could even style your kids' hair with these rollers and they might enjoy the surprising outcome.

How to Use Magic Leverag Curlers

It is ideal to use these while your hair is still wet. Take the plastic curler and slowly thread it over the hook provided in the set. These rollers have a mesh-like appearance that would allow the hair to dry faster. After it has been placed over the hook, grab a small section and pull it through. Continue sectioning until you’ve done all the tresses you would like to curl. Sleep with them on over night and remove them the next day. You could add some styling products to make them last longer.

How These No Heat Hair Curlers Work

In case you’re accustomed to the actual "Curlformers, " the actual Magic leverag hair curlers are the same thing. Normally, it’s wise for you to leave these in damp hair right away so you can get what exactly you’re trying to achieve. On the other hand, the end result may differ based on your hair type. This kind of style is very elegant looking but in the laid back way. Try experimenting with them to understand how to get perfect style by making use of this specific instrument.


When compared with different other people, these kinds of head of hair curlers are very reasonably priced. The coffee quality is really excellent and so they also come in various colours. Also, nobody would likely actually state it’s cheap searching and you may keep these with your counter location and yes it would likely absolutely seem great.

Here Is Where You Can Purchase Them

The Magic leverag curlers are available online and a set contains 18 rollers of two different sizes, the large and small ones. It also has a "hook" which you could use as a guide. Likewise, the tips of them have rubber-like grips that keep them on the hair and prevent it from slipping off. The middle material is similar to a netting that’s capable of maintaining its "ringlet" shape before and after use. Like what has been mentioned earlier, it is a set that comes with both small and large.

Magic Leverag Curlers Review

Have Fun With Them

I love these rollers because you can get a pretty beach wave or you can get spiral curls. I use them on myself and I use them on my clients. I am impressed with the fact that you don't need any heat either. There are lots of different sizes as well. You can even mix them up on your hair. Use the larger ones in the front and maybe some smaller ones in the back. It's fun to play with them and see what works for you.


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