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How To Make Breasts Look Smaller, Tricks to Make Your Breasts Look Smaller

Updated on June 13, 2011

Just because you have large breasts doesn't mean you can't make them appear smaller or less noticeable.

Here are a few quick tricks you can use to instantly make your breasts look smaller.

Buy Yourself a Minimizing Bra

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make your breasts look smaller is to purchase a minimizing bra. These bras are designed to look as if they are taking anywhere from ½ to 2 inches “off” your current breast size. Vanity Fair, Bali and Chantelle are just some of the major labels that carry these bras. They can be found in most department stores and are also available online.

Try a Sports Bra

Sports bras cannot only help with support while exercising, but can also help reduce how big your breasts look because they bind breasts closer to the body. You will need to experiment with a few of these however, because some bras might flatten you too much, making your breasts look like one big flattened rectangular boob. Luckily they do make sports bras for larger breasted women that have two different supportive cups to keep this from happening.

Wear Darker Colors

Bright colors draw more attention to the chest area than dark colors do. Darker colors also are more slimming in general, so stick with the darker solid colors such as blacks, browns and dark blues.

Avoid Clingy Shirts and other Clothing Tips

Clingy blouses and items like tight t-shirts just draw more attention to breasts. If you are trying to make your breasts look smaller stick to looser fitting tops, button up tops with high collars that do not show cleavage, and avoid blouses and shirts that have pockets that draw the eye up. Also avoid tucking shirts in and never wear blouses or shirts that have horizontal stripes because they give the illusion of making breasts looking even bigger.

Lose Weight

For many woman the first place they gain or lose weight is in their breasts. Losing even as little as 10 pounds can make a huge difference if you have found your breast size fluctuates with weight gain or loss. It is important to remember however, that if your breast size does decrease with weight loss, to be sure that you get refitted with a new bra to prevent possible sagging of breasts in the future.

Do Chest Exercises

While chest exercises can not reduce your actual breast size, it can help build and redefine the surrounding muscles in your chest area which will make your breasts look smaller. There are many free videos online available that will take you step-by-step through these types of chest exercises.

Get Surgery

Quite often insurance plans will cover breast reduction surgery if it is found that the size of your breasts is effecting your overall health such as causing back pain, rounded shoulders or neck pain.  If you find that the size of your breasts is causing you pain and is more than just a simple nuisance, it would be worth consulting with a plastic surgeon to find out if you are a good candidate for a covered breast reduction operation.

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