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make or buy lady gaga costumes

Updated on July 29, 2010

Make your own or buy Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular music Artists and fashion icons around the world.  Her fans are called Little Monsters and they are going Gaga for Gaga.  They are dressing like her, acting like her and bringing back 70's and 90's Glam Rock and Rave fashions but with a newer and modern twist.  So what happens when your kids start to ask you about Halloween or themed birthday parties and say that they need to have a Lady Gaga Costume?  It's simple, you can either Buy Lady Gaga Costumes or you can make your own Lady Gaga Costume. 

The truth about Lady Gaga is that she has a brilliant Marketing team behind her.  She became BFFs with Perez Hilton and the press and also partnered with people like Beyonce.  Her Marketing team and Music Directors also make sure that all of her songs are easy to sing and repeat and that all of her fashions are able to be somewhat replicated at home.  She is pretty much the new 80's Madonna because people not only love her music but she has made her clothing and fashion accessible to all of her fans as well.   So here are a couple ideas for you to be able to make your own Lady Gaga Costume. 

The famous Kermit the Frog outfit. 

Although buying a million Kermit the Frog stuffed animals and skinning them to make a jacket or outfit maybe too expensive, you can easily buy a large one and a few small ones.  You can then take the head off of the large one and either turn it into a hood so your head is inside his mouth or turn his head into a hat and pin it into your hair.  With the smaller Kermit the Frog stuffed animals you can put Popsicle sticks or something firm into the body and shape it then sew it into the outfit on the shoulders or over the pockets (hollow out the stomach and sew it on so that the stomach becomes the pocket) and you all of the sudden have a Lady Gaga styled outfit. 

The Bubble Dress. 

This is one of my favorites and although time consuming one of the easiest Lady Gaga outfits to replicate.  All you need to do is order clear christmas ornaments or bulbs and then take fishing line and sew them through the loops on top onto a silver or white dress.  All of the sudden when you have sewn them all over your plain and boring dress is now a replica of the famous Lady Gaga Bubble Dress. 

Anything insane. 

If you want to resemble Lady Gaga, all you need to do is alter an outfit, make something overstyled or add in some colors and not normal objects like candy bar wrappers and turn them into jewelry or pockets or clothing.  Then also take them and make accessories like headbands, earrings and other jewelry and all of the sudden you are starting to look like one of Lady Gaga's Monsters. 

Lady Gaga makes her outfits and music simple and fun for her fans to be able to replicate or make on their own and that is one of the reasons that she has taken over the world of music and fashion.  I love Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga costumes are definitely going to be one of the best selling costumes this Halloween and during her tour. 


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