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make up for eyes

Updated on January 26, 2012

How to make your eyes look brighter :-

· Apply lighter shades on your eyelids like silver or light golden

· Then dark shadow on the outer part of the eye eg. Black, dark brown or navy blue

· Apply eyeliner to waterline if it is black

· Apply liner to the lower line of the eye

· Curl your lashes with the mascara (black mascara make eyes brighter.

Eye make –up for:- basic eye make-up rules

· Brush your eye brows nicely

· Apply concealer on your eye area with a soft brush it may cover your eye areas.

· Use a lighter shades on your eye area blend it softly

· Take a dark shades and apply it on the outer side of the eye

· Use a lighter shades on the front side of the eyes compare to dark shades which you already applied on the outer side

· Take a black eye pencil and apply it to the eye line and blend it nicely with a soft thin brush

· Use eye pencil to the lower part of the eye

· Curl your lashes with heavy mascara and wait till it dries

You can use silver shimmer on the brow bone of the eyes it may look more brighter.


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