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Make Up Mirrors

Updated on June 27, 2010

Make Up Mirror

Make Up Mirror Range
Make Up Mirror Range

The World of Make Up Mirrors

When fine tuning your make up you need good light and high magnification. A make up mirror can provide that magnification, and sometimes even the light as well!

There are make up mirrors in a wide range of styles with a fantastc range of features to help you put on your make up, and pluck your eyebrows.

You can always find a make up mirror which suits your particular needs, be it a travel make up mirror, a table make up mirror, or even a wall mounted make up mirror. Choosing the mirror for your own needs is easy enough, and many women buy a travel make up mirror as well as a table mirror.

Most women love to own a make up mirror because they tend to have two sides, one with a regular side and the other with magnification which often ranges between 10x and 20x.

This magnification means you can give yourself professional detailed facial treatments, without having to pay for a salon!

Finding the Perfect Make up Mirror

Finding the perfect make up mirror is not always easy. There are a wide range of prices, styles, and brands to choose from. This makes it quite difficult to find a make up mirror which suits your needs exactly.

Foruntately we are here to help you find the perfect make up mirror!

Travel Make Up Mirror

Travel make up mirrors are small, usually fold in to a compact space, and can easily fit in to your handbag. While a travel make up mirror does come with the benefits of being small, lightweigth, and portable, they do not always give the magnification, or the inbuilt lighting that many table make up mirrors have.

Stand or Table Make Up Mirror

Some of the best make up mirrors are free standing table make up mirrors which mostly have great magnification on one side, and can also come with inbuilt lighting, so you can easily see your own face in detail, perfect for when you are plucking your eyebrows, or applying eyeliner.

If you are looking for a make up mirror to suit your home, then a free standing make up mirror can be your perfect accessory. A table make up mirror might not be portable enough to carry in your hand bag, but it can easily be placed in a cupboard when not in use.

Wall Hung Make Up Mirror

You can get free hanging make up mirrors which look good in any girls bathroom, however for true convenience you can get wall mirrors which fold neatly in to a small space, but can easily be pulled out when you need to do it. This not only saves space, but makes it much more accessible than storing a free standing make up mirror in a cupboard.

If you buy a wall make up mirror then you can have your make up mirror to hand whenever you need it.  However, you will need to fix this to the wall when you buy it, and un-fix it if you wanty to move it.


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