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How to make lipgloss

Updated on October 5, 2011

How to make lip gloss

Okay if you are interested in having some lipgloss of your own without having to worry about wasting money on a variety of lipgloss products or if you want to sell and make money then keep on reading more to find out.

Choose the flavor first .........

Homemade lipgloss is the same as the original lipgloss that you see at stores the only difference is that you make the lipgloss you get to choose the colors, flavor, and how much you want basically you are the boss in the lipgloss making process. Which can be fun but at the same time you have to also make sure you add in the appropriate and safe ingridients because if you dont you can do damage to your lips so it is important to always follow the directions. Some of the lipgloss flavors that I will share with you are Almond, cinnamon lipgloss I will give you the ingridients and how you will create the lipglosses.

This is an overview of how cinnamon lip gloss looks like.
This is an overview of how cinnamon lip gloss looks like.

Cinnamon Lip Gloss

 This second lip gloss that I will introduce to you is made out of cinnamon this one is one of my favorites of course because I like cinnamon and I just thought that maybe I could share it with other cinnamon lovers here in hubpages.


2 tablespoons petroleum jelly, 1/4 teaspoons lipstick any shade, 4 drops of cinnamon oil


  • Combine the petroleum jelly, lipstick in a small bowl
  • Warm it for 20- 30 seconds until it is soft
  • Mix in cinnamon, pour the mixture into an empty pot and at the end refrigerate it is nessesary to put it in a refrigerator so that way it gets cool and it does not stay extremely hot which wont be awesome for lips.


Almond Lip Gloss


2 Teaspoons grated beeswax, 3 - 6 drops of vegetable oil, 1 teaspoon sweet almond oil, 3 drops of honey, 1 half teaspoon cocoa butter, 1 vitamin e capsule


  • Combinethe almond oil, cocoa butter and the besswax together in a glass of bowl.
  • Microwave the mixture for 2 minutes or until it is completely melted.
  • After removing from the microwave stir the mixture to make sure that all the wax has melted and then stir the honey and oil.
  • Next open the vitamin E capsule and squeeze the contents into the mixture.
  • Stir again, let your mixture cool and then after that you can pour it into an empty pot of glass and lastly refrigirate to cool.

Thats it! that is how lip gloss in made

Hope you enjoyed and found this article on how to make lipglosses and the two lip gloss flavors helpful I know there are a ton of girls that are interested in making money with lipglosses and if that is what you want to do then go for it you might even want to do the cinnamon lipgloss or the almond ligloss but give it a try. I myself have done another type of lipgloss it is easy you just need vaseline or other type of petroleum jelly the kind that you see in stores Target, Wal-mart for example and a lipstick it can be any color you want and then what you do is apply a certain amount of petroleum jelly in a small lipgloss jar then for the lipstick you need a knive to cut the lipstick in half.

Then after that you mix both the lipstick and jelly good for several times until the lipstick and color dissolve into the petroleum jelly leaving no signs of it then if you want your lipgloss to have a scent in it you can add in a pint of fruit gloss liquid from a frutti lipgloss that you may have that way it smells good when you or other people put it on.

lip gloss flavor

Which lip gloss flavor is better chocolate or vanilla?

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice work

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 

      7 years ago from close to you...

      Wow, this is awesome! I can't wait to taste that homemade cinnamon lipgloss :)

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      7 years ago from Minnesota

      I am so excited to do this with my niece. I could see giving this out as gift. What a great hub spotlight. Thanks and I am bookmarking this hub.

    • telltale profile image


      7 years ago

      Fantastic! Didn't know one can make lipgloss at home. Although I don't use them, maybe useful for my daughter. Thanks for the 'recipe'.

    • Lady_E profile image


      7 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for this. It's natural too.

      Only God knows what they put in our lip gloss.

      Someone once told me that part of lipstick was made from snake skin, lol.


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