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Makeup Bags And Cases

Updated on November 10, 2016

Makeup Bags and Cosmetic Cases

Makeup bags and cosmetic cases are excellent for eyeliner, blush, makeup compacts and glosses, as well as a space for your everyday makeup products. I use them everyday and have several different colors and styles. Look at these colorful and fun makeup bags and cosmetic cases, they come in several different sizes and shapes!

Fun Makeup Bags

Carry all of your girly stuff in these fun and colorful makeup bags.

These fun makeup bags are made of different kinds of material, some are made of fabric and some are made of polyester. Some are small and have lots of little pockets and are large enough to put your lip gloss, powder compact mascara and liners in.

I love the Vera Bradley Makeup Bag, it's perfect for all of your makeup necessities and super cute!!

Makeup bags for makeup essentials

I use makeup bags for my makeup essentials like my lipstick, powder, eyeliner and my purse size fragrance in this Zebra makeup bag, it fits neatly inside my purse.

When you pull out this zebra print makeup bag you will feel stylish and your friends will love it too. This one is so fun and cute. I love the Zebra print on this one.

Another cool use for this makeup bag is it can be used for pencils and pens for school. Put it inside your backpack.

MakeupTrain Cases

Makeup train cases are made for ultimate organization and convenience, some train cases have sliding trays and movable dividers. They can be used when you travel or you can just store your everyday makeup inside. If you need an attractive case for spa products then the train cases are great .Train cases come in small, practical train cases and large make-up cases. These cases are also used by professional makeup artists to use as they travel from one place to another.

Designer Makeup Bags

Kenneth Cole designer makeup bags available in different styles and colors.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Patchwork Makeup Bag

This is a super cute brown patchwork makeup bag by Kenneth Cole. It has one main compartment for all of your cosmetics! You can take it along with you on a long trip to Europe or for that weekend in Vegas! It's really easy to wipe off if you get it dirty and it has a lined interior so its easy to clean on the inside.

These designer Makeup bags come in three different styles: Burgundy Croc, Patchwork and Pink Leopard.

Animal Print Hanging Toiletry Kit

Animal Print Hanging Toiletry Kit

Isn't this one sweet? It's a leopard print hanging toiletry kit. You can hang it on the door in your hotel room while you get ready and everything is right there! It's really convenient for all of your things to be in one place.

And, you don't have to clutter the sink area with all of your makeup, toothpaste, hairspray and other toiletries. I love the animal print! It's made of microfiber. It zips together and then you can make it smaller so it can fit in small places while you travel.


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    • VeraBradleyBagL profile image

      VeraBradleyBagL 5 years ago

      Nice lens.

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      ForestBear LM 5 years ago

      Nice selection you have featured here

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      Kathylina 5 years ago

      good choice

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      Pam Irie 5 years ago from Land of Aloha

      Very nice makeup bags.

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      nice choices!