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Makeup Tips For Hazel Eyes

Updated on December 30, 2013

How To Make Your Hazel Eyes Pop

There is just something about hazel eyes that make you just want to stop and stare! If you have these beautiful shades of green and brown, consider yourself lucky! Although not the most common color for eyes, they do bring envy to onlookers. Here you will find makeup that will bring out your hazel eyes such as eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and other helpful tools! Also find video tutorials to help you apply techniques when making your eyes pop!

Photo Credit: Laurinemily at en.wikipedia

It is very important for a completed look to apply eyeliner to the lid and under the lashes. Hazel eyes bring a beautiful pop of color, if you have more green in your eyes than brown use a dark brown eyeliner; this will compliment the greenish tint to them. If your eye has a more pigmented color of browns, use a black or charcoal color. Think of eyeliner as showcasing your gorgeous hazel eyes, do not skip it! To make your eyes look bigger you may start to apply the eyeliner and stop at the center of your lids as this creates a more "opening" effect. Also take into account your skin color as well when choosing your eyeliner. For example, a Caucasian paler woman would look too strong with a dark black line over the eyes.

Eye Shadow For Hazel Eyes

Dealing with eye shadow for hazel eyes is sometimes a challenge. Every eye is completely different with different pigments and color spots. You will want to purchase an eye shadow palette that comes with purples, plums, emerald greens, browns and golds.

You can use matte, shimmer, or cream eye shadows to enhance the beauty. I prefer eye shadow with a hint of shimmer undertones with the color gold. For a day at work I would say stay away from shimmer as it is more for a night time look. Use a light purple and layer it in different shades of plum. Below you will find a good guide for shading just find your eye shape!


Mascara Options For Hazel Eyed Beauties

There are so many mascara options out on the market whether you're at a drug store, grocery store, or a retail store they are unlimited! It is best to research before you purchase. That is why before I buy any beauty items I go on Amazon and read all the reviews. Sometimes there will be people who you can relate to and base your opinion off of that. The best mascara I have found is Covergirl LashBlast! I have been using this big tube for about 3 years now. It gives great lift and curl while not weighing your lashes down too much. When dealing with hazel tints, black mascara would be the way to go unless you have a fair complexion go for a dark brown. This would be the perfect mascara to make your hazel eyes shine!

Do you have any tips for hazel eyed women?

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    • angela-amor profile image

      angela-amor 4 years ago

      I have that color of eyes and I often work very well when I use earthy eye shadow .

      Gold eye shadow colors are also good when you skin tone is clear.

      Your lents is very interesant.

      See you soon.

      Angela Amor

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Im doing my friends make up for homecoming, and I have discovered that on lighter skin don't use such pigmented purples or it will drown them out. Id stick to more lavenders and golds!