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Makeup Trends 2013

Updated on May 6, 2013

Makeup Trends 2013

I am not a fan of makeup for the most part, but I do believe that every woman has a "go-to" look. This lens will give you the chance to update that very look. Whether you are a mascara girl or all about your lips, I guarantee that this lens will have something beautiful for you.

The lens will give you visual inspiration, words of advice, and updates on the latest trends. Not to mention, every product listed here has been tried by myself or a very near confidant. All products are tried on our own accord and there is no marketing or association with the brand.

Please feel free to shop here or just read up on the latest makeup trends. All revenue from this lens goes toward a child's college savings! Thank you in advance for your support.

Vividly Colored Liquid Eyeliner

This Spring and Summer are marked by taking the old and turning into something that is exactly you. Hence, the turn from boring black eyeliner and switching to vividly hued liquid eyeliner in any shade that pops. Pop of color has taken the fashion world by storm and I am on board. Color is my thing. I am subtle, yet aware of my color choices. On an average day you will find me wearing dark-washed skinnies paired with the brightest red sweater that you've ever seen. Everything is muted but the sweater. That is what this trend is.

All other makeup should remain muted. The eyes will do all of the talking.

Here are the steps to achieve the sexiest liquid eyeliner look of the season:

1. Start with the perfect base for your skin. Apply a hint of powder blush to your cheeks and blend to the hairline.

2. Lightly conceal the outer edges of your eyes to provide a base for the eye liner.

3. Apply the black liquid liner using a fine brush. Start by lining the inner corner of the eyes and winging it at 3/4 of the way up the lid. Elongate it at the edges of the lid.

4. Next apply the coloured liquid liner, in this case a yellow liner gel, closely following the shape of the black liner.

Photographer: Kelly Defina at

Makeup & Hair: Leonie Karagiannis at

Model: Kate Mac @ Chadwick

Colored Eyeliner

Pops of color floated across the runways in the most spectacular way: vividly hued eyeliner.

From Jason Wu to Dior, beautifully liquid eyeliner struck a chord with everybody. If you are interested in pursuing this updated version of the liquid beast, then do it. Be brave. Be Bold. Be you.

Starry Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Gel with Brush Sunshine Bright Yellow
Starry Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner Gel with Brush Sunshine Bright Yellow

After we discovered this newly found fashion craze, we wanted to try it on. And a girl doesn't walk into the nearest Wal-Mart and find the perfect eyeliner. If you have, you are a lucky girl. For me and my sensitive, color-bearing eyes, we went much higher shelf and let me tell was SO worth it.

This product provides and more.

It is gold. It is yellow. It is a riveting liquid eyeliner that will take your breath away!


Learn How to Apply Colored Eyeliner

Quick Tip

You don't have to overhaul your entire makeup bag to look refreshed! Try the nude lip for this spring. Go out there and buy an all natural formula that will make your lips soft and fresh looking all day.

Nude lips pair well with bold eyes and cheeks!

Succulent Matte Lips in Cranberry - Photo Credit:

This is a photo of the latest lip trend: Matte lipstick. Read below and you will learn about the process of applying the perfect matte lipstick. This picture is great inspiration for those looking to master the matte lipstick.

A major suggestion is to take everything else to a bare minimum and let your lips do the talking!

Magnificent Matte Mouths- Lips to Love!

Throw those shiny lip-glosses and lipsticks in the trash because you won't be needing them this year. This year is all about expressively vibrant hues with a magnificent matte finish. Flat flat flat....but that doesn't mean dull. In fact it means lustrous without all of that slickness.

How do you master the magnificent matte lip? Simple.

1. Buy the best matte finish lipstick that you can afford. Make sure that it is a lipstick that is highly pigmented.

2. Line your lips or don't. If you do choose to line your lips then choose a color that is very similar to the lipstick OR one that is identical to your lip color.

3. Apply the lipstick starting from the center and working outward.

4. Tote it along with you because you may need to reapply.

Magnificent Matte Mouths

NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick, Schiap
NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick, Schiap

NARS lipstick is my favorite brand for several reasons:

- It comes in so many shades that you can find the perfect hue to fit your skin tone AND you'll never get stuck in a lipstick rut.

- This lipstick is set to LAST.

- It is SO SO SO matte that it isn't even shiny!

-It is formulated with conditioners and antioxidants...meaning this baby is hard at work!


Keep it Matte - Learning How to Apply Matte Lipstick

About those SmackerRoos

Lipstick can look chalky, especially is you are using Matte lipstick. Whether you are wearing lipstick or not, I suggest exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush or formula two to three times per week. It will keep them soft and not flaky.

Jason Wu's Lips Spring 2012

Full-Figured Forehead Fringe - Strong Eyebrows

I am so jealous of women who have these naturally, beautifully full eyebrows. While mine are not super thin, they could definitely use some volume. This year is all about heavy, handsome eyebrows that fit a feminine face. Paradoxical, yes, but beautiful...definitely.

Big eyebrows were all over the runways this year and I am super excited about this because I have trying to regrow my eyebrows out FOREVER. They just won't oblige me. Those of you that are like me will have to make do with what you have and use enhancers to make those brows super full.

Here are the tips:

- try a brow pencil paired with a tinted gel to fill in the blanks and fill out your brows. The key is to follow your natural brow and not make super angled, super fake brows. Make them natural. Don't make your thin brows "bigger" but do fill in the sparse areas to make the brow look fuller.

-You can think about eyebrow tinting. Permanent make up is expensive but it is long-lasting.

-A brow-serum can help volumize your brows.

Get Stellar Eyebrows

Full EyeBrow Inspiration - Photo Credit:

A girl can dream!

Rosy Pink Cheeks - Photo Credit:

Applying Blush the Right Way

The Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

Cool skin tones look great with peachy based blushes, but feel free to mix it with a rosy blush for a special effect.

Warm skin looks radiant in a berry toned blush. Add some iridescent powder and you will light up the room!

Perfection without the Overkill of Foundation

This picture is a great example of a woman wearing foundation but it being hard to recognize! This is the trend this year and it is a great one.

A Little Coverage

Foundation is very basic this year. Don't look like you are wearing it. Avoid being perfectly defined. Just be you and wear a little foundation if you need to balance out your complexion or are looking to paint a minimalist canvas.

Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, 1 fl. oz.
Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, 1 fl. oz.

Okay, so first let me say that I know this is expensive, but don't let that deter you from this amazing product. Perricone Foundation is the only thing that I use because it has revitalized my skin. This foundation makes you feel like you are not wearing it and it so wonderful because it has 30SPF sunscreen and a hadnful of antioxidants to boot. That means this is a one step and go sort of deal. No more moisturizer and waiting and then applying. It is all here, in this little bottle.

The best part? There is not shade to choose. One shade fits all! You're welcome.


Natural Yet Stunning MakeUp

Metallic Glimmer in Everything

This is one of those trends that is here to stay for several year. It is versatile and adds a SMACK to any woman's arsenal of beauty tricks. From eyeliner to blush to lipstick, designers are adding a bit of metallic glimmer to everything. The runways were loaded with women sporting a red-copper lipstick, like the one you see in the photo (

This year feel free to experiment with this trend, but avoid overdoing it. If you are shimmering up your lips, stay away from it on your eyes. We don't want you going out into 2012 looking like 1983!

A great trend to try is eyeliner with metallic shine to it because it really makes your eyes glow.


Avoid products with Chunks of metallic in them. This is evidence of a cheap, toxic product. Nor=t to mention you'll look like you fell into a glitter container.

Metallic Bright Blue Eyeliner

This is a great example of a colored eyeliner paired with just the right amount of glitter in the color. Like I said before, avoid the chinking metallics and stick with something that sparkles through the color but does not overpower the look.

Apply it Right - Eye Makeup

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