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Brunettes Makeup Tutorials

Updated on July 27, 2014

Beautiful Makeup Tips and Tutorials For Brunette Women

As a brunette woman myself, I'm always finding myself looking for the right colors and styles. I love makeup and I love to play with different colors and combination, but I have to admit that some colors just don't look good on me. So now I now exactly the right combination and shades depending on my skin tone and eye color.

If you are a brunette looking for tutorials or samples of what type of colors suite you best, then stick around, I will be sharing with you the best makeup guru video tutorials, specially for brunettes!


Find The Perfect Makeup for you...

Portrait of Sexy Woman with Outstanding Makeup - Peel and Stick Wall Decal

A brunette by definition is "a little brown haired girl" or "a you brown haired girl". We brunettes have many reasons to be happy, we can get away we mostly every color, but the truth is that certain combination of colors works best for us. This is of course depending on our skin tone and color.

There are many types of brunettes and each one has a unique style. Here I will give you the best makeup tips for us brunettes. Remember, the key for a brunette is to balance the dark colors with warm and light-reflecting makeup, so you can look radiant and not pale and washed out.

There are three different brunettes: The Dark Brunettes like the Hollywood young actress Megan Fox; The Chocolate Brunettes like Leighton Meester and The Caramel "Blondes" Brunettes, like the beautiful Eva Longoria.

Each type of brunettes have different skin tones and will required different types of makeup combination.


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Beautiful and Easy To Do Brunette Makeup Video Tutorial


Dark Haired Brunettes Like Megan Fox

1Personally I think the dark haired brunettes are the sexiest, but that's just my opinion. These brunettes can get away with using the all time favorite RED LIPS! Yes, dark brunettes can carry the red and wine lips very well.


If you are a dark brunette with fair skin, then it would be better for you to go for browns, peaches and neutrals. But if you have dark tone, you will probably go for the honey, caramel and brown.

Touches of gold shimmer can always do the trick, to give you a healthy and sun-kissed skin tone!.

Brunettes can get away with wearing RED HOT LIPS


The Chocolate brunettes likes Leighton Meester

2 The chocolate brunettes with medium to dark skin should go for cooper and honey shades. The fair skin should go with the brown shadows.

Go for neutral and golden pallets. Using brown and dark brown eye liners. You can also use brown smokey eye with a natural lip and peach cheeks.


Learn How To Do A Seductive Smikey Eye Makeup... Watch The Video

Every Brunette Should Do Smokey Eye... They look beautiful!


Hot and sexy brunettes just like Eva Longoria

3 The caramel brunettes can get away with hot sexy smokey eye like the dark brunette but using browns and neutrals.

Remember that bronzers are brunettes best friends, use it and give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.

Finish Up Every Makeup With A Beautiful Lip Gloss

Famous Brunette Celebrities - Hot and Sexy Brunettes in Hollywood

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