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Updated on July 23, 2016
Recent new buys
Recent new buys | Source

So I recently bought these new make-up items to test and try out because Ive heard a lot about them. This is just my opinion on these products which you may disagree with but thats okay everyone is entitled their own opinion.

Kiko Milano 3D lifting foundation

The Kiko Milano 3D lifting foundation, settles on the face as a flawless finishing foundation at the start of the day however Ive noticed after a good 4hours it begins to look caked on the face and can also leave your under eyes looking a very grey tone, ash colour. This tends to leave the face looking very down and under the weather which is obviously not good. Ive tried it with different types of concealers on-top however the outcome is still the same. Ive also noticed it begins to gather up around the nose and look very caked, it shows up as a thick layer as if its making your pores clog up, which is also a down side right? however it does depend on your skin type on some it can work better but unfortunately for me this was my least favorite foundation purchase and i hope other Kiko Milano foundations work better for me,

2 stars for Kiko Milano 3D Lifting Foundation

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid

An absolute must buy, this is one amazing drug store foundation which im very pleased with. For the price im just amazed wow! its just as good as a high end foundation. it sets perfectly on the skin and shows up with a flawless finish. it covers up patches really well and hides unwanted areas.

Id rate this definitely 5 stars

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