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Extreme, Strange, Bizarre, Unique Makeup Looks, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Makeup with a Unique Twist

For anyone wanting to capture the attention of anyone in a costume or specific social situation, incorporating some extreme or strange elements into your makeup look will definitely do the job.

What has to be considered before anything else is what extreme makeup means in the circumstances you're heading into.

For example, if you're going to a Halloween or other type of costume party or cosplay event, you can just about take it as bizarre and extreme as you want; although you will have to take some thought if it's a family or work event.

For work, it depends upon the field you're in. You don't want to take something too far if it may affect how people view you in a more conservative type of workplace.

If you're going out on a date, you may want to consider how you see the ladies look at certain restaurants or other venues, and then take it a little further.

Be aware that even though it may be considered extreme makeup, you want to stretch just enough to cross the bounds. You shouldn't take it so far that it could be considered freaky.

So when we're talking extreme makeup, it is makeup that is defined by the social circumstances and taking it a little further than most would go in those occasions.

In other words, add a little twist to the norm and you can stand out in a way that catches the eye but doesn't cause an overly negative reaction.

Again, for Halloween and similar parties those rules don't really apply.

Strange Makeup Designs

When considering stretching the limits with makeup, it can be done in a wide variety of ways.

Each part of the face should be considered when wanting a different look. That doesn't mean every part must be extreme, but you do want to visualize how it'll look when it's completed.

You may want to stand out with the eyes, lips, cheeks, or a combination thereof. Even your hair could be a major part of the extreme image you're looking to create.

Sometimes doing nothing but one facial feature is enough to take it over the edge. Even doing one eye that is different from the other works well.

Feathered hair, extension, lashes, interesting designs on and around the lips; all of these are part of the fun of creating compelling and challenging looks that attract attention.

Extreme Facial Makeup

Overall, the purpose of this article is to inspire and generate ideas to create your own unique and extreme makeup look, within the parameters of the social situations you face. So there will be a variety of looks that aren't connected by theme, but rather connected by creativity and ideas.

With that in mind, here's a look at an awesome makeup image with a very cool color scheme.

The use of a white base with the accompanying complementary colors work great together. The rhinestones are a nice touch and the moving from silver around the eyes to blue on the forehead is a terrific transition from one color to another.

Lipstick with a Crab Shape

This crab design around the lips and mouth was included because it is a great idea to use in any type of themed party or costume situation.

Talk about differentiating! You could create an infinite number of designs and themes based upon what the party or gathering is all about. I think this is a great way to delight others and attract attention to yourself through creative use of lipstick in a themed party.

And even if there isn't a theme, then you have carte blanche for whatever design you want to choose on your lips and around the mouth.


Video Collection of a Variety of Exteme Makeup Looks

In this first set of videos are a plethora of extreme and strange makeup looks which can be incorporated into a variety of circumstances.

Again, this is all about generating cool makeup ideas and inspiration, and each video shows a variety of things you can do, including many different looks on different parts of the face.

Cool Makeup

Snowkei's Makeup & Makeover

For Makeup Addicts Only!!

Blue Starry Makeup Look

Here's one of those makeup looks mentioned earlier that, in the right situation, could be stretching the bounds, but not so much that it would overwhelm the social environment you're in.

This gorgeous touch of the stars on the temple, while extending from the blue eye shadow is gorgeous. It's subtle for what it is, and would be a great choice for the right outfit and setting.


Gorgeous Egyptian Look

While this particular look could be considered something besides Egyptian, it definitely has that flavor, as well as the inclusion of tribal lines going from the bridge of the nose up onto the forehead.

The way it attaches to the eyebrows is really nice, and it complements the dark lashes, liner and shadow nicely. And I love that cap.

As for the lipstick, it's the type of unique thing that adds something special to the overall look.


Extreme Makeup Video Tutorials

In the next collection of makeup video tutorials, there will be a variety of tips on how to create disparate looks for different circumstances.

There are completely different hair, eye and facial makeup looks, along with different outfits to complement them.

With all of these it should get your creative juices flowing and generate some extreme makeup ideas for you to have fun with and try out.

How to do Cheetah/Leopard Print Hair

Make-Up Atelier Paris:Make Up Tutorial - Carnaval

Neon Makeup

Sexy Emo Makeup XD

Feather and Foliage Makeup

I thought this was a very cute makeup look, one that incorporates several elements to create an unusual makeup design. I like the foliage on the forehead draping down the temples to the cheeks.

The feathers around the shoulders and red flower in the hair completes a very nice looking image; one that challenges but doesn't overdo it. This is the type of makeup look I would think would work great at an office party type of event, or maybe a gathering of family or friends.

It's not too risque, but it does stretch the bounds enough to be very compelling to look at.

Wild Makeup with Focus on White and Pink Highlights

I haven't seen anything quite like this particular extreme makeup look, but it's a lot of fun and would really attract a lot of attention to the one wearing something like this.

The platinum hair, white eyes and lipstick, nails and dark facial background really makes this look pop out at you.

Add to that the pink accessories and cute stars on the cheeks and you really get a loud and dramatic look. Pretty cool.


Unique Gothic Makeup

I've seen a lot of Gothic makeup looks over the years, and this is one of the more unusual ones that has come across my path.

While very different, I actually, for an unknown reason, like it. I think it's the design below the eye that is attractive to me. It also works very well with the strange way the makeup on the lip is applied.

It's the symmetry and complementary way it all works together that makes this a compelling Gothic makeup look. This would definitely have to be worn in the right social situation to work.


Strange and Weird Makeup

That concludes our look at extreme, bizarre, strange, unique, and may I add - in some cases - weird makeup.

But no matter which of these shown appeal to you the most, there is something for just about everyone's tastes, and no matter which direction you choose to go, you will not feel neglected at a party or get together of any sort wearing extreme makeup as shown here.


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    • Cherylann Mollan profile image

      Cherylann Mollan 3 years ago from India

      Really nice hub! You've really picked up some bizarre and interesting makeup looks. However the come across to us, at the end of the day I still feel there is a lot of talent involved in achieving these looks. It's like disturbing performance art that is still looked at as art!