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Makeup Product List

Updated on April 3, 2016


In todays date makeup is a huge thing on the market. There has been created so many types of products and solutions it may be hard to keep up. Keeping a control over what a highlighter is or where to apply it is not easy. Here I have listed all the must-know makeupproducts, with a guide on how it works and where to apply.

PS: Everything is also listed in the order you would apply them in. Still it´s important to remember that liquids and cream (on the skin/base) goes before any dry products like powder and such.


Illustration of makeup.
Illustration of makeup. | Source


  • Primer-a white or clear cream for base of makeup. Apply: All over area your useing makeup.
  • Corrector- a pink, green or blue liquid used to even skintone. Apply: to problem area.
  • Undereye corrector- a pink, green or blue thick cream used to prevent dark circles. Apply: under eye/ on top of dark circles.
  • Foundation- a skincolored prduct used to cover uneaveness. Apply: all over face, or spesific parts.
  • Tinted moisturizer- moisturizer with a little of color to even skintone. Apply: all over face.
  • BB cream- a combination of mosturizer, sunscreen, primer, and foundation. Apply: all over face for a quick and even look.
  • Concealer- a creamy skincolored product with high coverage,to cover spots and other unperfections that the foundation cant cover. Apply: to problem areas.
  • Undereye concealer- a creamy product 1- 2 shades lighter then skintone to brighten undereyes and get rid of dark circles. Apply: in an up-side-down triangular shape under eye.
  • Bronzer- powder og thick cream that gives a bronzed ad sunkissed glow to the skin. Apply: where the sun would natrally hit you (forhead, nose, cheekbones and neck)
  • Blush- give a rosy and blushing look. Apply: on cheekbones (right over contour)
  • Contour- a powder or cream that gives a defined shape to face. Apply: on places you want to create shadow (sides of forhead, hollows of cheekbones, jawline, sides of nose and neck)
  • Highlight- a liquid, powder or cream that lifts parts of face, works good along with countouring. Apply: to the highpoints of face (forhead, nosebridge, top of cheekbones, kupidsbow, inner corner of eye and browbone)
  • Powder- dry prduct,prevent oily face. Apply: to t-zone (forhead, nose, undereye and chin)
  • Translucent powder- loose, dry product that sets makeup to help stay throughout the day. Apply to entire face or t-zone.


Illustration of eyelid products.
Illustration of eyelid products. | Source


  • Eyelid primer-a white or skintoned thick cream for base of makeup, on eyelid, used to hold eyeshadow in place. Apply: all over eyelid and up to browbone.
  • Eyeshadow- powder formula with different colors. Apply: make different looks by applying shades to different parts of eyelid; entire eyelid, crease, global, inner eyecorner, browbone or close to lashline.
  • Cream eyeshadow- Thick cream formula with different colors. Apply: to entire eyelid for a better stay and non-creased look.
  • Eyeliner- a pencil, powder, liquid or cream to define eye. Apply: along top- and/or bottom lashline, along waterline or even between the lashline. (create different looks by eg. making a wing in the outer corner of eye)
  • Mascara- a liquid formula on a brush,for longer and thicker looking eyelashes. Apply: to top- and bottomlashes.
  • False lashes: individual or a full set of lashes for fuller-looking eyelashes. Apply: inbetween eyelashes.


Illustration of eyebrowproducts
Illustration of eyebrowproducts | Source


  • Brow: pencil, pomade and powder- give the look of an fuller and more define eyebrow. Apply: to brow or extend for a different look.
  • Browgel: clear or colored to set browhair. Apply to browhair.


Illustation of lipproducts.
Illustation of lipproducts. | Source


  • Lipliner- a thin pencil to define or extend otseide of the lip. Apply: along lipline, on the hole lip or outside lipline.
  • Lipstick- a colored thick formula for a fancier liplook. Apply: to entire lip.
  • Lipgloss- a sticky liquid formula with or without color, for a glossy or doughie look. Apply to entire lip or just the center for a fuller apparence.
  • Lipstain- a liquid or thick formula with color like a lipgloss/lipstick, but with a better stayingpower.

Hope you got some more knowledge on the different prducts of makeup out there. The only thing left now is to take a mirror, sit down, try and fail, and explore with different looks.


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