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Makeup Tips for a First Date

Updated on March 9, 2013

First dates are exciting. Whether you are a young woman going out on your very first date or a mature woman back on the market, anxiety and anticipation is normal.

The best makeup for a first date is the type that lets your personality show through, while still emphasizing your best features. If you are not Goth, do not wear Goth makeup to impress a date. You want your date to know who you are, even if it isn’t always comfortable. Stick with the type of cosmetics you would normally wear, but pay special attention to key areas.

The Skin

A flawless complexion is always attractive. Use a light coat of foundation to cover up blemishes or skin discolorations. If you have a few red areas, it might be helpful to use a foundation one shade lighter. Never use a foundation darker than your skin color. If you have a lighter complexion, this will leave orange marks around the sides of the face or neck. Brushing on a little powder after applying foundation helps keep out the shine, and gives a fresh clean look. Different types of skin might also require different types of cosmetics. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, blotchy, or have fine lines, there is a product for you. For those who have problem areas, YouTube makeup tutorials can help you decide on the right cosmetics, and give you makeup tips on application for the best results.

Makeup application

Pretty girl putting on makeup
Pretty girl putting on makeup | Source

The Eyes

A very thin line of dark brown or black across the top lash and under the bottom lash will bring out the eyes. Brushing on a bit of mascara on the top lash and lower lash is also good for emphasizing eyes. If you are unsure of how to apply eyeliner in a way that best suits your eye-shape, there are several makeup tutorials on YouTube to walk you through it. The same is true for eye shadow. Sometimes people have a difficult time knowing what type of eye shadow they should wear, or need makeup tips on how to apply it in a way that looks good on them.

The lips have it


The Lips

The best color for your lips is one that best matches the color of the inside of your lip; you can go lighter or darker, but stay within the color family: Warm, cool, or neutral. One of the oldest makeup tips when it comes to lips and eyes is that you should only emphasize one, not both. Pick your best feature; if you have beautiful eyes as well as lips, you are lucky. If you emphasize the eyes, stick with a very natural lipstick shade or gloss. If you want to emphasize the lips, be bolder with a lip liner and color –don’t overdo it. There are several makeup tutorials online to help you find the best look for your lips.

The Eyebrows

This is important. You don’t have to be a pluck master to have great eyebrows. Simply plucking away stray hairs that leave your brows undefined is often enough. The eyebrow should begin where the corner of the eye begins; it should arch past the outer part of the pupil; but this can get difficult. As with the skin, eyes and lips, YouTube has makeup tutorials for getting the perfect eyebrows. For your first date, you don’t want to go overboard if you have never done your eyebrows before. Keep it simple.

Makeup Tutorials


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