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Cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery for MEN, botox, tummy tucks

Updated on May 30, 2013

Male cosmetic surgery, corrective surgery or plastic surgery for men is now very common and occurs every day. Simple procedures such as botox and liposuction are carried out within a couple of hours with phenomenal. results.

Male tummy tucks and chest enhancement are very popular and can transform a persons physique within days, resulting in a fitter looking body and a more confident mind.

Tummy Tucks

An incision is made from hip to hip just above the pubic area. The plastic surgeon will remove the skin away from the rib cage underneath, liposuction may be carried out to remove excess fat.

The stomach muscles will then be sewn into a new position which will give a smoother definition of the abdominal muscles. You will need to spend a couple of days at the hospital and the bandages will need to stay on for 2/3 weeks.

Aftercare is important and any problems should be sen to immediately by the plastic surgeon.

Face Lifts

A face lift will entail a cut being made along the hairline and down behind the ears and then under your chin.

The cosmetic surgeon will the literally lift your face off ( as in the film of the same name), the excess fat can then be removed, the muscles can the be massaged into their new position.

Your skin is then stretched and cut and sewn back.

This cosmetic surgery is done with a local anesthetic, and the patient may require a small stay in the hospital.

Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

Once all the skin has been removes from the framework of bone and cartilage underneath, the cosmetic surgeon will then reshape your nose before replacing the skin on top. The stitches are usually internal.

This again is a day surgery done under general anesthetic.

There are many simple cosmetic surgeries that can enhance your life so much, you could change your whole appearance. To start your new life off, you don't even need to leave your chair, use your mouse and find a local plastic surgeon.

Have a consultation with as many cosmetic surgeons that you like, it will cost nothing, until you find the one that suits you.


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      plastic surgeons sydney 7 years ago

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