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Is Your Man Wearing Your Bra?

Updated on October 13, 2009

It's terrible when a man wears his SO's bra...

He could be wearing his own....
He could be wearing his own....

It's been a little while since I wrote about bras for men, at least two or three days, egads! Imagine what could have happened in that time! Wars have been won in shorter timescales, but fortunately, the lingerie fashion revolution is a slow moving beast and male bra wearers have yet to deplete global bra stocks to the point where anyone is really taking any notice at all.

Self Washing Bras

Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security though, more men wear bras than you think. Smaller framed men with similarly sized girlfriends often contribute to a twilight zone feeling when their girlfriend could have sworn that she had several bras ready to wear and yet mysteriously, they all seem to be back in the washing pile. If you're a lady whose bras always seem to leap into the washing cycle by themselves, there may be a lingerie wearing man about the place.

This brings me to a selling point to men who wear bras. A man who wears a bra knows how to wash yours. Sure, he might try it on, just to see how it fits, and how it looks, and how it feels, but he'll also treat it with a reverence and respect that other men would find difficult to muster in a million years. Most men simply want to remove bras and beyond that have no interest in their form and function, but men who wear bras have an appreciation for them that can save you a lot of laundry time.

Small Bra – Big Bra

If your husband or boyfriend is a little larger, watch for strange stretching. No matter how erratic your diet may be, you do not go up a band size one day and down the next, leaving your brassieres mysteriously stretched. If you find that all your bras seem to lose their fit a few weeks after you bought them, it may be time to send Mr. Bra Lover to the store to buy some of his own.

Peek A Bra

Do your bras sometimes end up in strange places? Could you swear that you didn't stuff your bra under the couch and hastily cover it with the dog's blanky? Have any of your bras walked from the lingerie drawer to the bed of their own accord? Do they sometimes like to hide out in nooks and crannies? If so, do not fear, your bras have not become sentient beings and they are not seeking out other intelligent lingerie life. You simply have a lingerie loving male in your midst.


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    • profile image

      DM 7 years ago

      Wife is 40c and I am 48b. We have laundry system. Her Bra and Panties go in her laundry basket. But it's fun sorting the jeans out. Both of us wear Lane Bryant Right Fit. Her a 4 yellow (size 18w) and me a 5 yellow (20w).

      There should be a rule when your married no more men's underwear. Nothing but panties. Bra if you need it (I do now).

    • shruti_shruti profile image

      shruti_shruti 8 years ago

      this is not bad if men start wearing bra & other accessories. My husband is also wearing all...............

    • emdi profile image

      emdi 8 years ago

      It was from your article I came to know that even men wear bras

    • profile image

      khunting1 8 years ago

      Funny article LMAO!!! I am grateful that we don't have that problem. She and I are dramatically different I'm 38b She's 42H not even close. I have mine she has hers and we are happy with that.

    • profile image

      donaldlyn 8 years ago from IL.

      Three days is o.k. not to write on the subject. Gives me more bra time. If I stop and read then I may forget to put the bra back where I found it. It also takes time to wash it. However don't worry about that as we will get it done before the wife gets home. Thanks for your time and effort on this subject.