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Mark Ecko Clothing and Accessories

Updated on December 31, 2010

Mark Ecko Urban Youth Fashions

Is Mark Ecko still hot? Would you wear his clothes? Buy Mark Ecko clothing and learn a little about the designer behind this line of urban-style youth clothing. His rhino emblem and graffiti-art inspired clothing were coveted by kids the world over: Ecko has effectively 'tagged' the world for the last few years. Find out where to buy Mark Ecko clothing, accessories, shoes and more, as well as finding out a little bit more about Mr. Ecko: a highly successful youth himself. And answer the question of whether the Mark Ecko trend has passed or still reigns supreme.

Is Mark Ecko still hot? - What's the popular opinion on Mark Ecko and his clothing?

A few years back, my son begged me for a Mark Ecko hoodie. As I searched online for the best place to buy one, I put this lens together. Two years later, I'm not seeing such love shown for Mark Ecko clothing. Are Mark Ecko's designs still something you'd wear?

Is Mark Ecko Clothing still cool?

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Mark Ecko Online

He's an outspoken guy and he's all over the internet

Mark Ecko is a young designer that embraces technology. Check out his online contributions, from public voting on what he should do to blogs and his online magazine.

  • - The Official Mark Ecko Site
  • Being Mark Ecko: The Official Blog of Mark Ecko - This is purely Ecko and his take on life. Images, photos, music videos, his thoughts. A real personal blog.
  • - In 2007, Mark Ecko purchased Barry Bond's 756th Homerun ball. He put it to public vote whether he should just donate the ball to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Brand the ball with an asterisk and then send it to Cooperstown or send the ball into space. The verdict? Check it out here.
  • Complex Magazine - The subheadings of this online mag are: news, sneakers, girls, style, buyers guide, celebs, city guide, video, entertainment, contests, on stands and subscribe. You get the picture.

Mark Milecofsky

was born in 1972 and changed his name eventually to Mark Ecko.

All of the Ecko Unlimited Products - Clothing to Magazines to Entertainment

This listing will soon be expanding: Ecko Enterprises cut a deal with Parlux Fragrances as well as signing with MTV 2 years ago for the film rights to Mark Ecko's 1st videogame project "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure".

  • Mark Ecko "Cut & Sew" Collection
  • G-Unit Clothing Company
  • Avirex Sportswear
  • Mark Ecko Entertainment
  • Complex Magazine
  • Ecko Unlimited
  • Ecko Red
  • Ecko Kids
  • Limited Editions by Mark Ecko

Purchase Lightly-Worn (or new in box "NIB") Mark Ecko clothing & accessories on eBay - Don't pay full retail price

Sometimes Mark Ecko clothing can run a little expensive. Save yourself some dollars when you shop online at eBay for Mark Ecko clothing & accessories.

Ecko Clothing Brand

was founded in 1993

Where To Shop Online For Mark Ecko Clothing & Accessories - These stores carry Mark Ecko Apparel

Here is a listing of some of the stores I've found that sell Mark Ecko clothing online. Check them out for the best rates on shipping, different selections, coupon codes, everyday low prices, sales and more ways to save.

Buy Ecko Products on - See how their prices and merchandise selection stacks up. sells a variety of products by Mark Ecko and Ecko Red. Check out what they have as well as their prices.

Mark Ecko on the First Amendment - Freedom Of Speech through Graffiti Art

Mark Ecko is quite passionate about 1st Amendment freedom of expression and finds it amazing that artistic items such as broad markers and spraypaint are unavailable to American youths. In this interview he also claims to have 'tagged' Air Force One. Truth or fiction?

The next video goes on to show Mark Ecko tagging Air Force One.

The final shot shows a Munich interview of Ecko, explaining graffiti art exhibitions that had permits pulled by New York Mayor Bloomberg. Ecko has sued for violation of 1st Amendment Rights and won on all occasions. Ecko also explains the hoax video that resulted of him 'tagging' Air Force One.

In fact, Mark Ecko has put together an entire website devoted to him tagging Air Force One. Check it out!

Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure - The Movie

View this clip (proclaiming the "revolution" starts 2005) showing the gist of the game "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure" and presumably the upcoming movie on the game.

Mark Ecko's Video Game - "Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure"

"Getting Up" is a video game by Mark Ecko, published by Atari and released in 2006. The title reference to "contents under pressure" is in reference to the warning labels found on spray paint cans.

The plot of the game follows a graffiti artist (Trane) who is battling artistic censorship in a 1984-esque government.

The videogame was banned in Australia, where the Federal Classifications Reviews Board cited the game "promotes, and provides instruction for illegal graffiti and real-life graffiti artists". MTV Films signed a contract in 2007 to make a film of the game, with a release date of 2010 - 2012 set.

The games soundtrack features tracks from artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Jane's Addiction and Kasabian.

The Ecko Rhinoceros

Ecko saved 2 white rhinos in 2005 by purchasing them from a bankrupt zoo and preventing their sale to cage-and-release hunting operators.

Culinary Critic - A new line for Mark Ecko?

The Jewish Mark Ecko reviews ham dishes prepared on Iron Chef.

Iron Designer

Mark Ecko was commissioned to design new chef's jackets for the Iron Chefs - remaining true to their individual styles (Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Masaharu Morimoto).


Mark Ecko embodies this fundamental to youth culture - controversy.

What Do You Think Of Mark Ecko's Support of Graffiti Art? - Are you in support of this or opposed to it?

Do You Think Mark Ecko Is Moral In His Support of Graffiti Art?

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Do you wear Mark Ecko fashions? Does one of your kids? Do you know where to find hot deals on Mark Ecko clothing? Let everybody know about it here.

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