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Mark Silverstein Diamond Engagement Rings

Updated on December 14, 2012
 One of Mark Silverstein's gorgeous gossamer collection engagement rings.
One of Mark Silverstein's gorgeous gossamer collection engagement rings.

A Truly Imaginative Piece of Art

Mark Silverstein is a jewelry designer that was recently discovered by my girlfriend on Pinterest. She came across the photo(right) on someone else's pinterest board. I began exploring the Mark Silverstein website,, because I was interested in finding jewelers in my area that carried his hand-designed rings. To my surprise, there are relatively few retailers that actually carry his jewelry, but you can order directly from the Mark Silverstein Imagines website. As I was perusing the website, I decided to send an inquiry just to see if there were jewelers close by my location. Rather than an email back, I received a phone call within minutes from Mark Silverstein himself! I was astonished that the designer himself took the time to discuss a simple ring inquiry with a customer. We had a very genuine conservation where I found out that the company began in 1978, and Mark has now sold over 39,000 rings. As you will definitely notice if you visit the website, Mark Silverstein prides himself in creating unique and quality rings from the finest materials that are different from any other designs currently available in the engagement ring market.

If you are looking to buy a fine piece of jewelry for your special someone, I encourage you to give Mark a call and you will experience the same great experience that I have. From start to finish, this company catered to all my requests. For instance, Mark claimed that he would send a few ring styles directly to my girlfriends house by next day mail for her to try on. Additionally, Mark Silverstein Imagines has a full warranty where any defect in a ring can be sent back and repaired free of charge for the life of the jewelry. Mark stated that no ring is created until an order has been placed. A ring is never made until an order is placed because it is hand crafted and molded according to the buyer's exact specifications and ring size. The process of creating custom detailed rings can take up to 6 weeks. I was also informed that MSI sells only certified loose diamonds alongside their bands to find the perfect diamond to match the intricacies of the band. Overall, I published this hub to share with my fellow hubbers the great jeweler that Mark Silverstein is, and that his company has a policy of integrity and honesty that you can truly trust when purchasing finely made pieces.

If you are married now or are looking to propose in the near future, you can rest assured that your wife or fiancé will be dazzled at the sight of a Mark Silverstein masterpiece.

Update: Mark's New Blog

Just this past week Mark sent me a personal email notifying me of a new blog he has started. It offers some very sound advice about buying quality jewelry and you can find out more about Mark's great pieces. Here's the link to his blog: Once you visit his blog, you will also be able to find Mark on Pinterest, so that you can find a beautiful ring just as my girlfriend did!


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