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Introducing Mark's New Eyeshadow

Updated on August 10, 2017

New Mark Eyeshadows

Tigerlily Mark Eyeshadow Single
Tigerlily Mark Eyeshadow Single | Source
5 stars for Mark Tigerlily Eyeshadow Single

Mark Bringing Eco-Friendly Eyeshadow Back

Mark makeup is a stylish beauty and fashion company. I have become a fan of the brand for the last five years or so. The beauty products give an extra trendy distinction to your makeup game. I love having some added distinction to my face. The Mark fashion for women and girls is a range of casual and professional wear. I use only Mark clothing for my professional writer headshots. The extra trendy "edge" of the Mark fashion makes you look like you are ready to take on the professional world. Mark recently decided to revamp their makeup collection. I have eagerly been testing out some of the new products over the last few months.

The first product I tried out from the collection was the new Mark Lipclick in shade Rebel. I was impressed with the new design of the case. The dark blue color of the Rebel Lipclick has thorough coverage over the lips. It lasted very well, just as other Lipclicks typically last a long time when applied on.

The latest product I tried out from the collection is the new Mark Tigerlily single eyeshadow. I've been a user of Mark makeup for so long, that I recall when they used to have single eyeshadows for use with eco-friendly reusable palettes. The new Mark single eyeshadows also may be placed in magnetic eco-friendly palettes. I chose the Tigerlily eyeshadow to try out. The Tigerlily shadow was easy to apply with a brush or with my fingertip. It has a lovely burnt orangey hue that is very true to its name. Tigerlily leaves a subtle but shimmery color to my eyelid (it would leave a shimmer look on anyone's eyelid since it has a shimmer finish). The color payoff is potent with just a small amount of shadow. I was a little unsure about this shade going well with my skin tone, but it looked lovely with my light medium tone. That doesn't mean I would recommend it for everyone. I recommend looking through the colors on the Mark website or from a Mark brochure. Mark's newer shades come in neutral hues and a few brighter colors. They have neutral browns and cream hues available in shimmery or matte finishes. The brighter popping colors from Mark are: Tigerlily, Bangle (golden), Lush (grass green), Suspicious (vibrant blue), Audacious (deep plum), and Inked (inky black). The eyeshadow's bases may be recycled once you are through with using them. The shadows are sold at $7 each.

Mark sells the reusable palettes separately from the single shadows. You may fit up to three eyeshadow singles in the magnetized palettes. Once you are done using the eyeshadow, you may remove it from the palette. You can select a new one and then pop it into your palette. The Mark Clique it Compact palettes have a silver cover with black lines across it. Mark is written in slightly curving stylized lettering. The palette has a small eyeshadow applicator included with it. The applicator also fits inside of the case. The Mark palettes are available for $10.

I am impressed with the latest eyeshadows from Mark. I rate the Tigerlily color a solid five stars. I intend to get the Bangle shadow as well to go with my Tigerlily shadow. If you love eyeshadows that are eco-friendly, I highly recommend you look into the Mark Clique It Compact and the Mark single shadows!

Mark Tigerlily Eyeshadow

Here I am wearing the Mark Tigerlily Eyeshadow
Here I am wearing the Mark Tigerlily Eyeshadow | Source


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