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Mascara Lover

Updated on October 19, 2015

3D+ mascara

I have been a Younique presenter for 16 months and have loved every minute of it! Younique is a relatively new makeup company, who has made their name known for amazing mascara. The company itself is pretty spectacular. It began with a brother-sister team in Utah, who wanted to empower woman and produce one-of-a-kind makeup and skincare. The company has grown leaps and bounds over the past three years, spreading to parts of Europe, Canada, and Mexico. The company's strives to uplift, empower, validate and build up the self-esteems of women all over the world. The Younique Foundation is another aspect of Younique's mission to care for women. The Foundation funds a retreat for women who have been victims of domestic and sexual violence, to help them heal and move past their circumstances. All of this, just by selling a little mascara.

Younique launched an updated and improved version of their amazing 3D mascara earlier this year, in the form of 3D+ fiberlash mascara. Since it's initial launch in July, over one million mascara purchases have been made. Applying the mascara uses a two-tube, three-step process. The first step is to applying the Transplanting gel. It is important to only work on one eye, start to finish, at a time. While the gel is still wet on the eyelashes, apply the Fibers using the second tube and wand. Immediately, follow this step with another coat of Transplanting gel. This process can be repeated until the desired lash length and fullness is obtained. It is important not to "pump" the gel wand into it's tube. Spin or twirl the wand in and out of the tube to not add excess air into the tube. The mascara tubes have a viewing window so that it can be easily seen when you are running low! The 3D+ lasts all day. It is not waterproof, but is water-resistant. It can survive a tearful movie or a sweaty tennis match, as long as the eyes are not rubbed. It is hypoallergic and comes off easily with normal makeup remover clothes, baby oil or soap and water.

The mascara is just one of many amazing products sold by Younique. Orders can be placed online at the presenters website (mine is and delivered straight to your door. If I can help answer any questions regarding this or any other Younique product, please contact me.

3D+ mascara


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