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Halloween Mask Makeup: Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Halloween Makeup Masks

Designing a Halloween or other costume mask using makeup is an amazing option, as it provides a wider array of images to choose from, limited only by one's imagination.

There are so many choices out there that it's impossible to even give a tiny percentage of the amazing masks made with makeup. But we'll look at enough of them to stir up the imagination, as well as show you how to design a few of them so you can use that information for you own makeup mask designs.

In this article we're not only talking about a mask, as in the type you may think of when using a real mask to place over your eyes, but it's focusing on all mask types in general, which include those that cover the whole face and portray a plethora of designs.

While we'll include the traditional mask look, we'll also explore the numerous types and styles people are making out there which go beyond the typical physical mask we're so accustomed to.

Finally, it won't be covered here, but there are makeup and mask combinations which complement one another. In those cases, what is considered a traditional mask is used, being placed over interesting eye makeup and complementary makeup surrounding the mask on other empty areas of the face.

I mention that briefly in order for you to think of that as a possibility, as you see the many makeup masks included here and how they may blend with a physical mask if you want to attempt that look.

Pink Makeup Mask

This first makeup mask is a great example of what most would consider a traditional mask. It has the shape and form of a mask anyone might wear at a Halloween or other type of costume party, and includes the beautiful pink color that makes it stand out so well.

Also of interest is the design choice of the mask, with the various, curved, pointed lines protruding from the mask part.

This is identified as a leopard mask, even though it's a stretch to call it that. One thing it does have going for it is the inclusion of the cat eyes; the only part which identifies with the giant cat.

Pink Leopard Mask


Dark Makeup Mask

Next is a terrific makeup mask with a masquerade theme. All of it looks fantastic, but the way it is designed to make it look like it fits over a partial part of the nose is very realistic, as is the rest of the mask.

This is a major reason why using makeup to create a mask, instead of wearing a real one works so well.

Masquerade Makeup Mask


Black and White Tribal Makeup Mask

Again we see the strength of the options available when designing a mask using makeup.

This mask is placed on half of the face, possibly getting some of its inspiration from Phantom at the Opera. It also has the feel of tribal designs that are many times used in tattoo themes.

The end result is a great half-mask with a white base and interesting line. I also like how it extends into the hair, which also has a white base in front.

Makeup Mask Covering Half of Face


Makeup Mask Video Tutorials

With this group of video makeup mask tutorials, there are several completely disparate looks that provide plenty of ideas and inspiration for those looking for a place to start when making a mask for Halloween or similar costume events.

They show the wide range of diversity that is associated with using makeup to make a facial mask.

Special FX Makeup Tutorial by Emma - Scary Clown

Moulin Rouge Halloween Makeup by MissChievous

Halloween Series: Living Doll Makeup Tutorial

Masquerade Mask Makeup tutorial

Makeup Mask on Half of Man's Face

If you thought this particular makeup mask style is similar to the last photo (above the video tutorials), you would be right, as it was part of a theme at a party where all the servers for a function had masks painted on them by Sandy Cutts.

The coverage of the face was very similar with the two, but the design obviously completely different. This is a good idea for those wanting to be able to produce some pretty interesting masks over time: learn one style, and from there develop the various designs to accompany it.

Makeup Half-Mask on Man


Queen of Hearts Makeup Mask

Now here is a very creative interpretation and presentation of a Queen of Hearts mask from Alice in Wonderland.

I've actually looked at a variety of Queen of Hearts masks over the years and this one is really very different; one that differentiates and ensures you wouldn't be arriving at a party with the same look someone else has.

All that aside, this is a gorgeous mask. All of it is constructed in a way that complements the whole of the look.

Heart Mask Makeup


Lace Makeup Mask

Lace masks are an awesome choice for Halloween or other cosplay or costume events, as it always included a hint of mystery associated with the look and material.

Once fascinating thing about lace masks is they are usually made with a combination of makeup and actual lace material incorporated into the design. Many times a foundation is placed underneath the lace fabric or makeup design in order to help it stand out nicely, as you see below.

Here you not only have the white makeup foundation and lace, but also the additional red eyelashes and hair. Combined they make a very unique makeup mask to show off in.

Lace Mask


Halloween Makeup Masks

Makeup masks are such a wonderful choice for costume events because, as you've seen, they offer far more variety and design options than pre-made masks.

That's not to say a pre-made mask won't look awesome, because many do, but when it comes to wanting flexibility in what you wear as a costume to coincide with your mask, using makeup to do it is easily tops from that perspective.

Don't be intimidated if you're not really skilled in making masks using makeup. Just practice using a couple of the video tutorials above and very quickly you'll get the hang of it and designing some great mask creations of your own.


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