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masks for oily skin

Updated on January 23, 2012

How to make face mask for oily skin

Face masks are very effective at controlling excessive oil on your face. We can make our masks at home with natural ingredients and it is also one of the most inexpensive ways to get soft skin.

Use scent free soap to wash off your face.

1.     1table spoon of plain yogurt, 2 fresh strawberries, half a small cucumber, mix these and apply on the face. Leave the face for 15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water. Avoid eye area.

2.     Take a apple  and 1 tea spoon of honey mix together and apply on your face and leave it for 15-20 minutes then wash off your face.

3.     1 table spoon of papaya juice, 1 table spoon of honey, 1table spoon of fuller’s earth. Mixed together and apply with a brush on your face for 20 minutes then rinse off.

4.     Take 1 table spoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon, mixed together and then apply.

5.     1 teaspoon of honey, 1 table spoon of cold milk without cream and 1/2 table spoon of flour, mixed together and apply with a brush hold it for 15 minutes. After that rinse with lukewarm water.

6.     Put 4 table spoon of flour, 4 table spoon of yogurt, 1 table spoon of lemon juice into a bowl. Mix them together thoroughly to make paste, apply the mask on the face except for the eye areas, leave it for 20 minutes then wash it.


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    • faria_lupin profile image

      faria_lupin 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh


    • faria_lupin profile image

      faria_lupin 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      thank you... :)

    • rlaha profile image

      rlaha 6 years ago from Spartanburg, SC


    • K Kiss profile image

      K Kiss 6 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      very helpful hub. I will definitely try this out.

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      farhana_mita 7 years ago