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The Range Of Mason Pearson Hairbrushes And Their Benefits

Updated on May 16, 2012

Get A Healthy Scalp With Hairbrush

Brushing hair is a way to massage the scalp and increase circulation so that the scalp skin remains healthy. Healthy scalp skin ensures that the hair gets the required strength. It also ensures growth of hair and reduces hair loss, apart from making the hair much more manageable. The other way to achieve similar results is to use hair conditioners. However these contain chemicals and can damage the hair in the long run. There are natural options as well but these are expensive, and time consuming. Over the years, they also lose their effectiveness. So regular hair brushing remains the best way to keep hair in good and manageable condition, even today. It does not cost anything except a few minutes every day. However, the effectiveness of hair brushes differs. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are designed to ensure the best possible results from brushing hair.

Cushion pad
Cushion pad

Cushion Pad

They have a cushion pad made from rubber unlike the plastic pads in most of the hair brushes. Plastic is unrelenting, and so such brushes are not ideal. They can cause damage to the hair, whereas Mason Pearson hairbrushes do not. If the hair is knotted, the brush with a plastic pad would force its way and break hair in the process. A Mason Pearson hairbrush would not. This means that the knots can be undone slowly but surely without any pain and without losing or damaging hair.


The Handle

The handle in Mason Pearson brushes is made from cellulose plastic, which behaves like rubber. The design also does not have any sharp edges. Therefore, there can be no injury involved when using it. The weight of the brush is also kept reasonable, so that anybody can lift it easily, including children. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the handle ensures that these hair brushes are easy to hold and do not tire the person using them.

Mason Pearson's Child Brush

Mason Pearson's child brush is exclusively designed for children. Children have small hands. Therefore, they can't hold large brushes with a single hand. This is the reason they need smaller hair brushes, which also do not break easily because children are less likely to take care of things than adults. Mason Pearson child brushes ensure that the child does not shirk from brushing his or her hair regularly.

The size and design of the child brush fascinates the child. Children try to copy adults and would be delighted to have a brush of their own, which not only looks like a toy but is functional as well. These brushes are made from materials that are safe for children.

Mason Pearson Hairbrushes For Fine Hair

Similarly, Mason Pearson offers a hair brush that is exclusively designed for people who have very fine hair or those who have sensitive hair. Fine hair tends to knot faster and more often. Standard hair brushes are only made for people who have average hair thickness. Using such brushes on fine hair would mean breaking the hair. The process can become painful and people might want to discontinue brushing their hair. With Mason Pearson's Sensitive hair brushes it is easy to brush such hair as well. People whose hair is thinning can also use such brushes.

Mason Pearson Hairbrushes For Sensitive Hair

There are special Mason Pearson sensitive hair brushes for men too. Unlike women, most men lose their hair from the top. Therefore, the design of the brush is considered, so that the scalp on top is massaged and stimulated, without causing any damage in the process.

Nylon brush for very thick hair
Nylon brush for very thick hair
Bristle tufts for thin and sensitive hair
Bristle tufts for thin and sensitive hair
Nylon and bristle mixture for fine to thick hair
Nylon and bristle mixture for fine to thick hair

The Tufts

The tufts in Mason Pearson brushes may be made from nylon, or boar bristles. Nylon tufts are ideal for thick hair while boar bristle tufts are ideal for thin hair. In addition to these, there are brushes that have nylon as well as boar bristles. These are used for normal hair.

Nylon tuft models available as of now include Pocket Nylon, Handy Nylon, and Universal Nylon.

Mason Pearson's boar bristle models are identified as extra large, pocket bristle, handy bristle, small extra bristle, sensitive bristle, and child bristle. The nylon and boar bristle brush range includes junior, popular, pocket sized bristle and nylon, and handy sized bristle and nylon models.

Sizes and Colors

These brushes are available in different sizes. There are brushes that can fit in hand bags for those who like to carry a brush with them. Then there are the standard as well as the larger hair brushes. Large hair brushes are needed for long hair. The number of bristle rings in these brushes differs from five to eight. These brushes are also available in different colors such as white or ivory, dark ruby, blue, pink, and wood color.


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